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  1. I would like the screenshots for the docking and map screen for orbit!
  2. Interesting, mabey nasa doesn't do it because public relations any way I love that logic
  3. I have not even gone to dres but I will try do as much a possible #dresawareness
  4. If you want give an update on the mission status
  5. Thanks for correcting me, I enjoy even being noticed by other users and having a fun comment section!
  6. Many of you know the saturn V but it had a smaller variant, the saturn 1B It contains the 8 engines in a cluster, choose which ones, and a S-IVB upper stage then the CSM Maximum height is 43.2m, max mass is 589 tons Normal: Launch to >100km ap and >100km pe Hard: Same as normal but with the soyuz docking adaptor Super hard: Same as hard but then dock with a soyuz Screenshots of docking, map view for orbit and CSM in space No cheating!
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