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  1. I'm excited for it being a new stable platform which hopefully has less spaghetti code than KSP 1, and thus less random crashes/lag/glitches
  2. Has anyone else been experiencing very high lag in low orbit of Jupiter's moons? For whatever reason I get a huge amount of lag when I'm close in to them even though the game runs fine everywhere else.
  3. According to my code it should just be any Scientist. As for the latter, that's intentional - irl scrubbers tended to wear out over time hence the limited amount of LiOH - I haven't really tested, but it might be possible to add on some additional LiOH scrubbers in the external ECLSS for more time. As for the basic regen, not sure why the dump co2 method is missing, but the catch with the basic regen is that iirc it can only support half of the requirements for a given crew, so you'd need double the amount of basic regen scrubbers to get the same scrubbing capacity as the LiOH scrubbers - it's more meant to make early stations viable before the advanced one is unlocked, without making LiOH scrubbers useless.
  4. If I'm remembering correctly, it means you have to bring a kerbal out and interact with the part to "prepare it" for its run, and then you'll be good to activate it.
  5. Are there crew in the habitats? IIRC sometimes the VAB automatically slots kerbals into habitats, and then naturally it won't let you deflate them if they're occupied
  6. Not exactly - it still uses the kerbalism system, but I tried to make it a tad more reasonable. I've got some ideas for modifying it in that regards (eg give capsules set amounts of resources based on their usage length) but I wasn't sure if it was better to do that or leave it up to players. I could see about throwing something together for the next update, but no guarantees
  7. Yeah that seems pretty high to me as well - that originally came from a PR, so I assume the contributor had a reason for making it so lategame but regardless, I moved them back to the first aviation tier so they are actually useful.
  8. Yeah - Engine Ignitor should be feasible, most early rockets have either solid ullage motors or rcs for ullage, both of which should be available at the same time as the respective engines. As for the balance concerns and glitches with regards to sounding rockets, I'm planning on investigating them soon. Frankly, I've never actually done a playthrough of KSP with SSS and SK as I've been too burnt out from the game to try it once I finished the mods up. I'm finally looking at setting a playthrough up (once I've decided on a planet pack - leaning towards KSRSS reborn but am worried about its stability) so I can finally get an idea what works and what doesn't.
  9. Have people been having success running the KSRSS reborn beta? I'm trying to decide on a planet pack to finally do a run through of my tech tree and check balance and all that good stuff, and have almsot settled on KSRSS. I just want to make sure other people have had success with it so I don't start and than find out midway thru that something is completely borked
  10. Wow! They look amazing! How does one install them? I was just trying to install the latest gitlab version (after the configs were added), but it seems that when Parallax was put it, in would just lead to an infinite loading screen. Is there any specific things I need to install/not install different from the default parallax to get it to work?
  11. That's probably the best bet then. Lower science rewards should make it harder to progress and thus encourage you to do more BDB-style missions
  12. Ah - therein lies the other issue. SSS is incompatible with CTT, so naturally, having both installed at once is gonna lead to them fighting over stuff. Try deleting CTT and see how it works. That was the thing that I had a lot of difficulty while balancing - i wanted to make it harder to encourage people to do more realistic missions, but not so hard that it limits flexibility and railroads people in to one specific way of playing. That and depending on what your solar system is, stuff may be thrown off as well - I have custom science multipliers set for most popular planet packs, but the issue is that they require kopernicus to function properly, so if you're playing in stock then they might not be applying correctly (that, and also if you're at 1x scale, the rockets are just more powerful which makes it much easier to progress to higher tech levels)
  13. Alright - thanks for the info, looks like it was a singular small typo - suprised it actually never came up before. I'll release the fixed version in a moment That is intentional - Skyhawk Kerbalism completely reworks the BDB-Kerbalism compatibility in a way that is different from the old Kerbalism support, so naturally the support files are going to look vastly different. SK/SSS's Kerbalism integration is a whole different animal from stock Kerbalism
  14. Thanks for catching this - I must of forgot that the new engine would have be hypergolic. I'll add this in next time I do a release Yes that is the section that handles engine reliablity, so you're own the right track. Unfortunately, I'm not planning on doing anything with it at this time - I don't feel comfortable releasing work unless its up to my (pretty dang high) standards, and unfortunately, Kerbalism's engine reliability stuff is a tad too wonky for me to get it to that level without sinking a decent amount of time into it, which I'm not really interested in doing right now, and honestly, I'm pretty much burnt out with modding and don't expect to be doing anymore major updates for a good long while, if ever again. I'm always open to pull requests, but I wouldn't expect any support outside of those.
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