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  1. Hi There! I've just got a quick question regarding part switch. Let's say I wanted to use a MM patch to reorder the tank switches another mod provides so that they are in a different order (Ex, if they are normally Fuel 1, Fuel 2, Fuel 3, I patch it so it's Fuel 1, Fuel 3, Fuel 2 instead). What exactly would I need to do to do that? EDIT: Never mind I figured out a workaround so I don't need to do this
  2. Thanks for all the advice! I'm gonna take a look at the calculator now to start playing around with getting my resources set up. And as to the second part, I think your idea probably is the best idea - uploading it to CKAN and then just having me tag the engines is probably the smoothest and most simple way to do it, although I can also provide a PR variant too incase you ever want to implement it directly. I will need to see what I do about the RCS though, as I'm planning on having my own RCS fuels aside from CGTs. I definitely want to avoid KTT style glitches tho, so I'll keep you updated on what I do with them - that was one annoying bug I always noticed during my time using that tree which actually helped push me towards making my own!
  3. Yup - that's actually where my code is going to be derived from. It'll just be a simplified version of their work, so long as they are okay with it. The license they use seems to allow it, but I gave em a heads up anyways over in their thread.
  4. Hi @Clamp-o-Tron I just wanted to let you know that I've started adapting some parts of More Fuels directly into the Skyhawk Science System, as from what I understand the GPLv3 allows it. It's a much more simplified version (really only has the Aerozine50/Nitrogen Tetroxide combo and the Lox Boiloff & Resource Renaming patches so far, and the only other thing I plan on adding is a rcs switcher between hydrazine and hypergolics), but it's still based on the same basic code. I will make sure that the code adapted from it is still under the license, and all the policies are followed, but if you don't want me to continue, just let me know and I can just remove the functionality from my tree and make something from scratch instead. I just opted to move ahead with it as I hadn't seen much activity and I'd finally reached the point in the SSS's development where I was planning to start implementation. Once I wrap it up, I plan on submitting a PR to the More Fuels Github with whatever fixes/optimizations I do end up making, so that you can make use of them too
  5. Hi guys, sorry to bother y'all but I've got a quick question - is there a way via Module Manager to change the boiloff for BDB tankage to just use the same system as CryoTanks? I'm currently testing a thing for the Skyhawk Science System that will add in a hypergolic fuel option, and to help balance that out, make LOX/Oxidizer boil-off too, and I'm thinking it'd be easier overall to just have everything be consistent under one system.
  6. Hi @JadeOfMaar I've just got a quick pair of questions - I'm currently working on my own custom tech tree and I'm getting to the point where I'm gonna be adding support for Rational Resources, and I've got a few questions about that. First of all, my tech tree has a basic hypergolic fuel system w/o Real Fuels that would need to use some but not all of the ISRUs (it only has Aerozine50 and NTO, no MMH or UDMH, so I'd try and set up a recipe that goes right from the basic RR elements to the final products with no middlemen). Looking at the GitHub page, I think it seems like I could do that by just adding in the ISRU recipes in the following format in a separate config file? Does that seem right? I'm also planning to try and add support for most nuclear engines to have the same fuel-switching capabilities as in the Nuclear Family patch (and potentially the same for Cold Gas RCS), but I'm not entirely sure how to approach that. I know that with the RR Nuclear Family patch all I should need to do is give every valid nuclear engine the "RRNF = Yes" tag, but I'm concerned that people might just miss installing the extra file. Do you think it would be easier to just include a copy/modification of that file in my download, or nah? From what I understand the MIT license seems to allow it, but either way, figure it was better to ask and see what you recommend first!
  7. Don't worry - if I do end up integrating Kerbalism, I'll definitely make sure it's not a hard requirement. And I'll take a peek at Snacks as well when I get to that point. I know it's a very light LS mod, so it honestly shouldn't be that bad to support as well.
  8. Skyhawk Science System v0.7.0 - "World Tour" https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/releases With this new release, the Skyhawk Science System is going global! We've added support for all sorts of international space programs in this smaller scale update. Some highlights include Commonwealth Rocketry Expanded (UK), GemstoneLV (Japan), Chrayol Design Org (ISRO), Provenance Aerospace (Blue Origin) and Luciole (France). Unfortunately, after taking a look at Tantares and Knes I decided to hold off on those for now. I've been getting a little burned out with devolopment lately, and honestly, just want to get the tree to a point where it's playable so I can finally start a career save again. As I don't plan on using either of those two, I'm just thinking I'm gonna hold off till I feel ready to put them it, so that I can give them the care they deserve in working them into the tree. Sorry to disappoint those who were hoping for support, but I still aim on getting them in here someday. In other, happier news, we are getting close to a big milestone! I've got one more release planned for supporting a couple remaining part mods I like, and after that it's just science balancing and support for MoreFuels & Rational Resources. I'm also heavily considering Kerbalism support, so let me know if that's something you'd be interested in! We are almost there, but it's still in alpha. Don't use it in real saves!!!
  9. Skyhawk Science System v0.6.0 - "Balancing Act" https://github.com/CessnaSkyhawk/SkyhawkScienceSystem/releases This release doesn't have any new mod support or things like that. Instead, I've done some basic rebalancing, and more importantly, added icons for nearly every tech node aside from the science, space stations, and control trees (those will come soon). Here's a sample: https://imgur.com/a/r6yj4YQ Sorry for how long that took. I've been busy and also a little burned out with all decisions and stuff related to localization and icon work. And as always, this is still NOT gameplay ready!
  10. I do, but I still also use a couple stock ones as well. I think I might finally have a plan to fix em tho.
  11. I'm currently wrapping up the localization and ui update, but am hitting one last brick wall. I need the full resolution versions of the tech tree icons for all the various rocketry nodes from the stock tree (general, advanced, etc), but the only ones I can find (in the Squad/PartList/SimpleIcons folder) are super-low resolution. Any chance anyone knows where to find the original, full, 64x64 versions?
  12. Glad to hear that everyone is so excited about the tree. I've been quiet lately, but that's mainly because I've been working on setting up the localization and ui icons, but that's almost done and then I can get back to a slightly quicker release schedule. We're in the home stretch now. I've got another set or two of mods I want to add patches for, and then it's just working in the support for More Fuels and setting the science system up.
  13. Glad to hear that BDB is still gonna keep chugging along. I was getting a bit nervous that the KSP modding scene was starting to die down now that KSP2 is on the horizon, especially with Nertea finally wrapping up their stuff, and that the Skyhawk Science System was gonna end up high and dry as a result, so hearing that you guys are gonna keep on going for now is pretty reassuring.
  14. Thanks for the advice! I've made a lot of progress since this original post and it's actually coming together pretty nicely now.
  15. Hi guys - quick question for y'all. Anyone have any recommendations on how to design/draw icons in the style of the KSP Stock/Community Tech Tree/Tetrix icons. I'm working on finally adding artwork for my new tech tree, but it'd kind of hard getting designs that look anywhere close to as clean and simple as those. Here's a comparison of mine and some others: https://imgur.com/a/wUJIkSO
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