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  1. I'll have the pictures fixed hopefully sometime within the next 16 hours or so!
  2. Yeah - I'm going to try again later today - my usual method (copying them from the MSA's google drive) wasn't working for some reason so I tried doing the same with google photos, but that evidently didn't work. Although strangely enough the laptop I used to make the post says they exist, even though every other device I tried doesn't show them
  3. MSA Update 2 - Munshot - for some reason images aren't working - I'll try to fix em later! Breaking News! On Y7 D20 (7:29 PM on 12/31/20 for those using outdated time formats), the Mandaran Space Agency finally did the impossible, and landed two Kerbals (Jeb and Bob) on another world. Years of planning, multiple different missions, and quite a bit of luck (along with liberal usage of the quicksave button) brought the MSA to this day, so before we focus on Luna 9 itself, lets get caught up on everything else that made it possible. New Rockets Ahoy! This grap
  4. Any idea if this might work with a rescaled Kerbin (2.5x specifically)?
  5. Thanks! Both the rocket and mission logos were made in paint.net, and were mostly assembled through a mix of random images from KSP, FTL (in the case of the manned missions) and the like - the eagle specifically was just a cool looking logo I had found online. For the planets themselves, I got them from jfjohnny5's Customizable Mission Flags. As for placing them next to the names, I just copy-pasted the image next to the text (after tabbing once) and then edited the resolution down to a reasonable value.
  6. MSA Update 1 - Mun on the Horizon Since its founding and inaugural flights, the MSA has had many successes over the past few years, and is currently on track to meet its goal of landing boots on the Mun in “a reasonable timeframe”. A lot of exciting developments have occurred, so let's go through them all! The Mandaran Space Center The MSA outgrew Cape Cavi AFS quite quickly, and a larger complex was needed to support the growing space program - enter the Mandaran Space Center: Project Nimbus In order to send truly substantial payloads into orbit, an
  7. Infographics I'm just reserving this section now - it's not going to be used for anything for quite some time
  8. Mandaran Space Agency’s Comms Network A burgeoning space program like the MSA requires an effective communications system in order to keep things going well (or so we discovered after we lost Pathfinder III, and screwed up MLT-1 to comms blackouts), after those incidents, we’ve set up an organized network to ensure that doesn’t happen again. A Map of Kerbin, with important points marked. Deep Space Network (DSN) Stations The MSA has four main DSN stations, which are fitted to provide long-range comms for crafts beyond low Kerbin orbit. Currently, any craft operating a
  9. Welcome to the Mandaran Space Agency! Table of Contents 1. Introduction [Part 1] 2. Introduction [Part 2] 3. Infographics 4. Mun on the Horizon 5. Munshot Origins of the MSA The Mandaran Space Agency (MSA) is the official space program of the Mandaran Union. It first originated from the Mandaran Sounding Project (MSP), a small scientific program focused on atmospheric and space research using small solid-fuel sounding rockets. Unfortunately, it didn’t get too much support due to government focuses being elsewhere during the Great War. After Unificati
  10. Through some stroke of luck I think I may have found the NullException issue first try. Looks like it might be due to DangIt's DeployableAntenna failure patch. Seems like it's gone now that I deleted that specific file.
  11. I actually tacked this mod on towards the end of assembling my modlist - I've got a lot of mods that add it custom antennas (BDB, JX2, NFE, etc), so ig I'll just have to test one by one and see if the errors stop.
  12. @[email protected] @leatherneck6017 Here are the logs for the most recent occurrence (sorry, it's really long for some reason): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yB7QVvR-FF8jocurfzIm0-0D_MZtbg8C/view?usp=sharing It had been working without any issues for a week or so, but then BOOM all of a sudden all the ground stations got reset back to closed and the KSC lost all its frequencies as well. On a closer analysis, it looks like the reason its so long is cause this keeps being spammed over and over for like 2/3rds of the file: Any ideas?
  13. I'm having an issue where the ground stations keep resetting in career mode. Like every time I try to launch they just downgrade back to zero and stop working... Also, for some reason CommNet connection lines don't really show up most of the time.
  14. IIRC, comets have their own larger size classes, but idk if asteroids can get them as well. At the very least, I haven't seen any that have...
  15. Ok. Thanks so much @James Kerman! I'm gonna see about writing up a post with all my missions so far (Just started a new save) later on!
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