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  1. The fact that Eve has 5 atmospheres of atmospheric pressure, not 90 as i would like to.
  2. Well, yes but i'm pretty sure that it would be a bit of a pain trying to spot it, it would be like some 1/10 pixels wide. But that can be fixed if you use Distant Object Enhancements™.
  3. In Ksp 1 we have Jool, and the storms effects, that was released on 1.10, but will we get better effects when descending trough Jool's atmosphere? Because even after 1.10 when descending Jool, it stills pretty empty of clouds or these kind of stuff you would see if you were descending in a Gas Giant.
  4. Its just a suggestion, like i'm good if you don't add it.
  5. No, thats Pluto analog, i'm talking about the proposed Planet 9 that may have a orbit beyond Neptune and may have caused the Outer solar system Asteroids highly eccentric orbits.
  6. Soden Terrain is broken in 1.9.1 Kopernicius, please try to fix the issue.
  7. Add a Planet 9 analog with an orbit Ridiculously far away from kerbol.
  8. I would build my rocket with the starting parts and then come back to the surface.