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  1. @Caerfinon @OrbitalManeuvers Just to close the loop, this works as expected in my modded version. Thanks again for your help, I really do appreciate it!
  2. @Caerfinon That did it in the clean version. I will check in my modded version and see if the results are the same. It's weird because I have the steam launcher setup to bypass the KSP PD Launcher with a simple %command% code, so I just assumed it would be all good. Thanks for your help!
  3. I don't have a KK folder, or a .png file in the location you listed, so I am unsure what to do with your suggestion. The issue I 'm having is the game does not work with KK installed. No buttons to get into buildings work, even quitting the game to get this log required me to force quit KSP. Pressing Escape, then clicking "Quit to Main Menu" does nothing. Clicking the red X at the top right, brings up the escape menu, but none of the button's work. Clicking the facilities or the runway/launch pad does nothing. I used CKAN to install, as well.
  4. Here is a start https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlCbO5GR6RGwkN0WBjp6VReyM4QF1g?e=ctnGTB This is version 1.12.4, only KK and dependency installed.
  5. Apologies, that's not what I meant. I know which logs you need, I would like to know from which version, or with additional mods installed, or on a clean only install, etc. That's why I said I have no problem giving you 10 logs if that's what you want.
  6. Good Morning, I would like to pre-empt you for what I could be sending upon your advice. KK is not working for me, and I am unsure if it is something I have done or not. I installed KK and its dependencies on a clean install with no other mods and none of the button's work; I couldn't even quit the game and was unable to enter any of the facilities, forcing me to force quit every time. I installed it on v1.12.0, 1.12.1, 1.12.2, 1.12.3, and 1.12.4 each with the same problems. I also installed a couple of times with KSC Extended, KSC Harbor, Kerbin Side Remastered, etc. all with the same problem and not showing the harbor, nor the KSC extended. Since I had multiple problems across multiple versions and other mods, I would like to know which logs you would like to see. I have no problem puling 10 logs if you would like, so you can see exactly what is going on. CKAN was used every instance of the installs. I just want to make sure I get exactly what you need. Any help is appreciated, this is such an awesome mod!
  7. Hey there. I retested the same thing on the updated v2.14.1.0 with the same issues as laid out above. I have attached the logs below, and on GitHub. Thank you! MJ
  8. Someone may have already figured this out, but this mod definitely works with AVP, in KSP v1.12.2. Not that your graphics aren't good @StarCrusher96, they definitely are. The only steps necessary, if someone is interested (that I tested with, at least): not placing the "Optional" folder within the "GU_Core.zip" download, removing the entire "_Stock" folder within "GU>Scatterer>Planets" and the two '.cfg' files (config.cfg and StockFix.cfg) from "GU>Scatterer" folder. Don't remove more than that, as you still need the textures for the new galaxies and their respective download folders contain the necessary "atmo.cfg" files. One thing I did notice though, the "CityLights.cfg" found within "GU>EVE>_CityLights" does not correctly point to the texture assets. The path within the config is as follows: "GU/GU_Clouds/_CityLights/Textures/..." but there is no "GU_Clouds" folder. These lines also need to be moved to AVP citylights.cfg, or to be uncommented "//" to work properly. I had just seen some people in the past discussing it and thought I would test it. This is an awesome mod and I look forward to discovering all the different galaxies and planets! You have truly outdone yourself.
  9. Apologies if this has been brought up before. I am playing non-RSS/RO/RP/Scaled KSP version 1.12.2 and was attempting to perform SpaceX style booster return burns with MechJeb version 2.12.3 based on an older video on YouTube (for reference, the version of MechJeb on this video was 2.9.2). I followed the streamers directions to a tee and could not land my rocket back at KSC or on a SpaceX style drone ship; not with any degree of accuracy, at least. The difference I noticed in the video (v2.9.2), as the rocket re-entered the atmosphere, the booster performed a "deceleration burn", but would not perform the same burn in the newer 2.12.3 version. My rocket would continue plummeting towards Kerbin, gaining speeds in excess of 1000m/s and would finally kick on the engines at roughly 300-500m above Kerbin, which would not be enough to stop. Without the deceleration burn, the rocket would land in the water, or at KSC, 1-3km away from my designated landing zone target. The MechJeb 'Landing Guidance' pop-up showed as "Coasting to deceleration burn", but the burn was never performed, regardless of how fast, or slow, I was going. I went through the GitHub files and found there was a version history and a few changes to the decelerationburn.cs & coursecorrection.cs (obviously other changes were made to other files too, but I didn't feel the other changes affected this instance) between 2.9.2 and 2.12.3, but I am only smart enough to know there was a change, and not what that change actually does or means. I then reverted my downloaded version of MJ to 2.9.2 and the landing guidance worked. Flawlessly! 100% of the time. The rocket would slow down enough, even with atmosphere (I had read in a lot of places MJ couldn't calculate the atmospheric landing guidance very well), landed perfectly, within a half a meter or so. So, in short, v2.9.2 landing guidance works perfectly. V2.12.3, not so much (in my case). So far, 2.9.2 has not given me any problems on my 1.12.2. install, but to be honest, I only used it for the Landing Guidance and nothing else. Maybe you know about this, maybe you don't, but this is what I found. It's a great mod for what I have used it for, and look forward to learning its other functions in the future. I really wish I could help further, and would like to learn how to do this, but as of now, this is the best information I can provide. I can provide all logs, if necessary, but didn't feel this was relevant to any issue on my machine. If this is not the correct or desired format to list an issue, please let me know. I just want to help and would like to assist as much as possible. If this is a mistake on my part, please let me know, and I will attempt to make this work on the newer version. Thanks!
  10. @RoadWarrior9 @SiCaRiO31 Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it! I had considered copy/pasting and changing the part name but wanted to see if there was anything in the works considering how recent SSPX is... ish. @adriangm44 I know! I just found out about Planetside Exploration recently from a post on Reddit. I'm definitely hooked! Might have to look into options like above and make our own cfgs until something "official" comes out.
  11. I am curious who updates the compatible with .cfgs? For example, I am using Stockalike Station Parts Redux by @Nertea, and I noticed the sspx-dome-greenhouse-5-1 is not included within the Kerbalism supplied SSPX.cfg for many things, but food supply is what I tested for. In my testing, using only this dome, Kerbalism menu shows only 7 days of food. I looked in the supporting SSPX.cfg and discovered there is nothing supporting the "...greenhouse-dome...". Or is this another possibility of me doing something wrong, lol.
  12. Thanks @Friznit. I'm actually getting ready to do a flyby of The Mun, so I will get it done. I knew it was something I was doing wrong!
  13. Hey @Sir Mortimer, I'm not sure if I have done something wrong, if I stumbled across something that needs to be looked at, or I'm just too dumb to figure this out. While playing I noticed for the Radiation scan with the Geiger Counter, I am provided a situation for Kerbin: Space (Global). I cannot figure out how to achieve this. Looking through the configs it appears the "global" situation is for bodies w/o biomes (I may misunderstand this as well). This is obviously not game breaking, more curiosity than anything and verification that I can or cannot achieve this situation. Photo below. https://imgur.com/hAV6nt1 Thanks for your help, I love this mod!
  14. Sure can! Mod List registry.json Hopefully this will help you out. Again, I appreciate all that you guys do!
  15. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but when ever I try to add a new mod (recently, within the last few days) it shows the below error code https://imgur.com/Db784gA I assume this is because of the new Scatterer update, but I can assure you I only have one instance of Scatterer installed. The game runs as expected, but CKAN will not allow additional downloads; installing mods manually work,s as well. I apologize if this has been brought to your attention already, I did not have time to go through the comments to confirm whether or not this has been discussed already. Thanks for all you do!
  16. Thanks for the reply while you are out on vacation. Honestly didn't expect you to answer and feel honored that you did. I enjoy your mods and look forward to what new things you will bring!
  17. Thanks @Rakete, I'll test some different things out. What do you recommend in lieu of the legacy components?
  18. Appreciate the reply, but I have and this is why I have posted here. I know it will be something simple, something I have missed. I didn't post any pics of adding radiators, but I tried adding some, of varying capabilities, and nothing helped. It's hard to plan for the amount of cooling needed when no information is provided to assist in the mitigation of heat. I am not a person that typically asks for help and am typically very capable of figuring things out on my own. I am very technical and follow things to a tee (to a fault). This is why I believe it to be an oversight on my part.
  19. I feel stupid for even having to ask the question, because typically, I can figure things out on my own. With that being said, I am at a loss when attempting to create a loop for the LV-N Nerv engine. In the parts menu, RMB "Core Heat" shows the following: Fission Reactor requires 1100Kw of cooling, with optimal at 3K, core damage at >3.4K, and core meltdown at 3.8K, as shown here ("Temperature Parameters" in green text): Then further down, engine heat has different parameters ("Thermal Parameters" in orange text): Heat Output at 200kW, outlet temperature at 800K, and maximum temperature at 1400K. Clicking the teal "i" icon, I am shown the Nerv engine shows the following information: And in the toolbar menu, I am shown the following: I apologize if there is a better way to ask or present my issues and I hope that this makes sense. Basically, I am struggling to create an effective loop for the Nerv engines, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I'm just reading this all wrong and someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
  20. @BeastlyBean in the RemoteTech settings, I believe it is the third button on the top, change the setting from "Standard" to "Root". This increased the range to a much more desirable number. This setting changes RemoteTech values from antenna range, to antenna power, but I have been through the RemoteTech config files and nothing references power, all range. So, I believe this is why the better, but diminished values, are present. if you saw the my earlier post referencing a line of code that needs to be added to a config file for the antenna ranges to be x4 value. If you are unsure of how to add this line, I wouldn't touch it. It's simple, but if something gets messed up, the game will not work properly, but I believe this line is being added in the next release.
  21. @OhioBob Just a quick update, I ended up removing RemoteTech. Although the setting I referenced increased my range, it was still nowhere near as stated in the JNSQ .png, even accounting for degradation in the signal. RemoteTech config files seem to only acknowledge antenna distance and not power, subsequently eliminating the math needed to calculate distance. Anyway, it works fine with CommNet. Thanks again.
  22. @OhioBob I got it. There was a setting within RemoteTech that changed the station satellites from distance to power. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.
  23. I did make the change, within the KSP settings menu? RemoteTech seems to disable CommNet , so I enable it, change the DSN to 4 and save. Currently the settings continue to show as 4(.04, I believe, actually). The Tracking Station shows as 1.03Tm in the Space Center view, but is shown as 75.00Mm in the map view. Pictures below. Tracking Station - https://imgur.com/HzPcKJ6 Mission Control (Map) - https://imgur.com/smK2g7x I believe it to be RemoteTech loading after JNSQ and RemoteTech settings taking precedence, but I do not know, just an assumption.
  24. Ok, this might sound like a dumb question, but hopefully a bit of clarification will help. I had to add the following verbiage to obtain the "...increases range 4x via patch...", in the "JNSQ\JNSQ_Configs\Antenna.cfg" file: Adding this new line multiplied the antenna ranges by 4x, problem solved. My (dumb) question is regarding to the image provided in the download, "JNSQ\AntennaRange.png". My interpretation of this is with a level 3 tracking station, I should be able to use a built-in antenna to ~.1Gm, or 100,000,000m. Is this correct? I am not seeing this kind of distance in my game. The link below has the AntennaRange.png datasheet for reference. https://imgur.com/9UsiKGh I started playing KSP in 2014, but haven't played since then, so I consider myself fairly new to KSP, and mods. Not to show my age here, but my son helped me install the mods. I figured he would know what to do, haha. With that, I am really enjoying the JNSQ OPM version. I enjoy the level of difficulty and related realism provided by it. You guys have done an amazing job! Please Note: Playing KSP v1.9.1.2788 I do understand this isn't confirmed (per CKAN) to work on v1.9 I am using RemoteTech v1.9.6 I use a variety of mods as well, roughly 80 or so, but I only seem to have a problem between JNSQ and RemoteTech Thanks for your time and help
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