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  1. @DMagic the yellow cross on map are Olivine formation, I already done several <2km flyby in this area, no green stone had detected
  2. I can’t use the BTDT scanner to find Green Sandstones on minmus, only Olivine formation shown on map. Is it a bug or tech tree limitation?
  3. @blackheart612 Can you make some half length crew cabin? sometime we don't need that much capacity, half length cabin can save some space for other parts.
  4. I've use 2 rotor with different rotate direction to offset the torque, but after take off, the craft will lose control, what should I do to make a proper helicopter?
  5. is it more efficient than using fuel cell?
  6. I am choosing between Intel i5-8400(6C6T) and AMD Ryzen5 2600(6C12T) i5-8400 perform better in single core test, Ryzen5 2600 better in multi core test I want to know can KSP utilize the multi core/thread power? In short, should I choose i5-8400 or Ryzen5 2600 for KSP Thanks!
  7. Any plan on using KAS module in the joint/ hitch part? It looks like more flexible
  8. after I update to 1.4.2, I still got many part description showing "autoloc" how can I fix it?
  9. China CCTV News often use KSP to simulate space mission that news talking about
  10. Plane is cool and save lot of fuel, but take long time and difficult to land it. Lander is the opposite. I want to know which one is more popular on Duna
  11. Hi, @blackheart612, Some big rover that just-fit for MK3 cargo bay only can drive out from MK3 cargo cockpit, can't drive in to the cargo bay again. Because the cockpit ramp not like the stock rear ramp have the curve section on both side, those wide rover will block by these section Could you remodel the cockpit ramp to make those rover can drive in and out? Also, I suggest the cockpit ramp start at deeper position, to increase the ground clearance inside the cockpit and reduce the slope. When I put a Feline Utility Rovers inside, I need rocket power to push the rover out, I just need a little more ground clearance....
  12. @Pakthe big delta wing flipped texture side can't show the flag.
  13. ISRU Converter, you need to move it down little bit to prevent it penetrate the roof, or cover the roof by solar panel. It is an all in one drill-refinery-transport car
  14. Hi Nils, I have a suggestion Remove the floor plate of service bay, let the drill or landing leg not "magically" penetrate the floor when extended You can just cut the hole, user can cover the hole with canister when they don't need the hole, or maybe further make the hole toggle-able like flatbed's wall