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  1. EVA construction don't allow us detach broken solar panel and wheels, must repair it first, it is very stupid...
  2. If you don't mind using mod, I think KAS is a better choice, it have hose reel and hose connector part, enough realistic for me
  3. As this awesome mod haven't update over for a years and Agises absents, also there are some forgotten deployed science experiments device that Kerbals need to find, I decide to continued this mod Change Log Download from : Github License GPLv3 Original thread:
  4. Hi I want to know how to detect what DLC is installed and how can I quickly reload a dll file for testing, now I had to close the game , replace dll file and restart the game, it is very time consuming
  5. Can we have a color variant too? Sometimes we just want a RCS thruster be there but don't want to notice they are there color variant match the common body color(black/white/gray/orange) will do the job
  6. @DMagic the yellow cross on map are Olivine formation, I already done several <2km flyby in this area, no green stone had detected
  7. I can’t use the BTDT scanner to find Green Sandstones on minmus, only Olivine formation shown on map. Is it a bug or tech tree limitation?
  8. @blackheart612 Can you make some half length crew cabin? sometime we don't need that much capacity, half length cabin can save some space for other parts.
  9. I've use 2 rotor with different rotate direction to offset the torque, but after take off, the craft will lose control, what should I do to make a proper helicopter?
  10. is it more efficient than using fuel cell?
  11. I am choosing between Intel i5-8400(6C6T) and AMD Ryzen5 2600(6C12T) i5-8400 perform better in single core test, Ryzen5 2600 better in multi core test I want to know can KSP utilize the multi core/thread power? In short, should I choose i5-8400 or Ryzen5 2600 for KSP Thanks!
  12. Any plan on using KAS module in the joint/ hitch part? It looks like more flexible https://youtu.be/DpCzKV_13jk
  13. after I update to 1.4.2, I still got many part description showing "autoloc" how can I fix it?
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