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  1. Using RCS with SAS in KSP1 is a fuel monster, it will keep blasting monopropellant until vessel reach it's target, that's why many people don't want to use it.
  2. I am excited for the paint job of the parts. Looking good is more important than looking where you go.
  3. It feels like a kids audiobook talking about space science. it is hard to stay focus for adult players
  4. I am more concern about the unity version that using in KSP2, I hope it can run natively on apple silicon, but it require latest unity build
  5. KSP2 have more fuel type, each diameter and each fuel type have it's "32, 64,128,256....." variant, it is a nightmare in VAB Just group those variant into one part like Structural Tube or Engine Plate in KSP1, let player choose the length would be much appreciated, if fuel type can be change would be perfect
  6. physicless part drag will not show in F12 menu, you have to turn on debug action menu to check the actual drag
  7. Just stick with your existing config for 1 or 2 years, at that time a mid-tier display card might have a similar performance as RTX 3080
  8. Just found out that ladder have ridiculous high amount of drag, and those drag apply on the attached part which mostly are cockpit at the very front of the vessel. If the drag at front are high, it will prone to cause the plane flip over.
  9. Does anyone tried to use python client with Pycharm auto complete feature? Currently I have to import SpaceCenter from krpc.spacecenter import SpaceCenter and type hint object like: vessel : SpaceCenter.Vessel = conn.space_center.active_vessel to make Pycharm aware what class it is. But the weird thing is the import statement make the py script crash at start, I have to comment out that line to make it able to start......
  10. This game is all about killing Kerbals by explosion or strand them in deep space for decades, are you sure adding Non-Binary Kerbals is a good idea?
  11. Can I use HD texture for toolbar icon? I tried to upscale mod's icon image resolution, but it will become a purple box if I do so
  12. I found that standing with landing leg will cause the craft keep wobbling
  13. EVA construction don't allow us detach broken solar panel and wheels, must repair it first, it is very stupid...
  14. If you don't mind using mod, I think KAS is a better choice, it have hose reel and hose connector part, enough realistic for me
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