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  1. Loving the new RCS patch, it's been a godsend on Duna! (Infinite CO2 from the atmosphere!!) Sorry to be so demanding as I'm not sure how complicated or time-consuming these patches are; Would to be possible to add nitrogen, CO2, etc variants to the smaller NTRs from Ven's revamp and Cryo Engines? (e.g. Shiba, Eel & Stubber) If not, using tweakscale on the already modified NERV is fine, it's just that the proportions of the engine aren't to my personal tastes.
  2. Found it, thanks; they should be the other way around right? Vernier thrusters are just small rocket engines so you would expect a higher ISP value in vacuum.
  3. The vacuum and atmospheric ISP values for the verner engines are mixed up for me; is this an error on my part or is it a typo in the config which I can't find?
  4. I just installed the extra, that should be the issue. Thanks again for the help!
  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18oFlTT9v1CfWQ7-Qg-YWXHsb8bEDpyRZ/view?usp=sharing
  6. @hemeac Thanks! Would that be the ModuleManager .txt from the Logs folder?
  7. @hemeac I'll have to narrow down which mod is causing it then, thanks!
  8. @JadeOfMaar This is great! About the vernier addition of methalox and hydrolox; is the part called "Vernor Engine" in-game? If so, it seems the additions have not been applied.
  9. @JadeOfMaar I was wondering if you had any thoughts about implementing RR cold gas variants for RCS thrusters? These would simply be offshoots (just like your NERV variants) but would allow the user to use resources other than monoprop/hydrazine for attitude control. This thought came to me as I have been building long-term exploratory crafts which can refuel themselves using ISRU, but unless they use monoprop or LH2 in their primary propulsion systems, their life is limited by the extra propellant added for attitude control (e.g. a liquidfuel + oxidiser craft on Duna with monoprop thrusters tacked on). For clarity, the reason I am placing emphasis on RCS thrusters is because I am using the mod "Mandatory RCS" by Gotmachine, of which drastically nerfs reaction wheels. I nice use case I can think of in the stock system is Minmus, where nitrogen is abundant in the flats; instead of a complex chain of ISRU processes to produce monopropellant (which includes nitrogen as one of the ingredients), cold nitrogen gas can be used directly as a reaction mass. A list of cold gas ISP values can be found here: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228785798_The_merits_of_cold_gas_micropropulsion_in_state-of-the-art_space_missions
  10. @JadeOfMaar I was looking through the RR planet configs and Tylo is of the SurfaceIceWater type; what is the thinking behind giving Tylo a 90% Nitrogen atmosphere (with a little bit of hydrogen sprinkled in)?
  11. So OhioBob's Realistic Atmospheres adds an atmosphere to Tylo and I have just completed a resource scan of Tylo and I assume RR does not recognise this change as it lists Tylo's 0.2atm atmosphere as consisting of 1.0% argon and 0.1% xenon; this is only the exosphere right?
  12. No terrain problems so far in my 5.4x save on running 1.8.1; I can remember having similar problems to you in the past but this seems to work perfectly aside from the odd misalignment in map view and especially during timewarp (which is expected in KSP when it comes to larger-than-stock systems)
  13. Thanks for that! Selecting Hydrolox via the RR tank selector seems to have disabled boiloff for LH2, is there any way to restore the feature?
  14. @YaBoyShredderson Not officially, but plenty of people (myself included) have used it on later versions without any issues.
  15. @YaBoyShredderson I wanted to keep them too but eventually decided to get rid of them entirely as it seems that rescaled systems of surface features don't play nice in this version of Kopernicus. I did notice an improvement by upgrading to 1.9.x, but if you have any mods that are not compatible with that version then the only option I have found is to remove them entirely; my rationale was keep the features, keep the lag or remove the features, remove the lag. I decided performance was more important than a few sources of science (and eye candy!).