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  1. In name only, AFAIK! There is a clear difference in dV and total mass when I compare Liquid Fuel and LqdMethane in the same tanks.
  2. Now that Cryogenic Engines features methalox engines, would it be possible to have a patch which modifies the Sabatier Process to produce LqdMethane instead of Liquid Fuel?
  3. @JadeOfMaar So de/compressors still not working for me; they work in flight, but they default to Ammonia and cannot be toggled to other forms in the VAB/SPH. Clicking "configure quick heater" and "configure flash freezer" does nothing for me with Kerbalism installed.
  4. I have this issue too, but it only applies to the boxed de/compressors in my case. My chemical plants and all of their associated processes work just fine with Kerbalism installed.
  5. Depends how you define "sustainable" I suppose... If you're in orbit of a body that can provide all of the resources you need, then mods such as Rational Resources provide propulsion options that use Nitrogen, CO2, Ammonia, etc as reaction mass, so in Kerbalism the only thing you're technically consuming is engine reliability which can be repaired by your crew. Critical failures (engine explodes during use) will require replacements from Kerbin, however.
  6. Yes, if the required resources are present on the planet. The only long-term limit is crew sanity.
  7. Yep, completely optional. Just move the ones you want (if any) into your gamedata folder.
  8. Refreshing to see this as I just finished explaining to someone on Youtube how airline failure rates are unlikely to be achieved any time soon given the nature of rocket engines. Here are some excerpts for anyone who wants a more grounded and evidence-based approach to Starship and the current state of reliability in spaceflight: "How Many Engines Should a Rocket Have?" by Geoffrey Landis is a great resource for anyone else wanting to do their own sums relating to engine reliability.
  9. Your first suggestion worked like a charm, thank you kindly! While we're on the subject, is deleting the resource distributions as defined in GPP_Resources a painless way to de-clutter the resource lists? There are many resources such as metallic ore, gypsum, dirt, etc which I never use and would rather not be there.
  10. Sorry to reply to an old comment, but I am trying to use GPP and RR together. RR seems to overwrite the effects of GPP's resource configs, but the GPP configs work fine without RR. However, I would like to use your RR parts in GPP, is there any way for this to work? I have tried uninstalling RR and keeping RR parts, but then RR parts causes an exception with the B9 reconfig due to the absence of the RR mod (I think?).
  11. I haven't seen one, but given the eccentric and/or inclined orbits of the bodies in this mod, you'd probably be better off downloading transfer window planner: This way you can know the amount of dV you need on any given the desired launch date & travel time and it even paints lines in the map view to visualise the phase angles! The limitations of a dV map really show themselves once you start trying to go to bodies like the ones in MPE.
  12. From the Kerbalism Documentation (https://readthedocs.org/projects/kerbalism/downloads/pdf/latest/) page 16 : "Coronal Mass Ejection events are generated in a stars corona, and move toward either a planetary system or a starorbiting vessel. A warning will be issued as soon as the CME is ejected towards a body of interest. When the CME hits a planetary system or a star-orbiting vessel, all vessels outside of a magnetopause and in direct line of sight of a Star will receive extra radiation. Vessels inside of a magnetopause will suffer a communications blackout. The effects last for some time until the situation returns to normality."
  13. Love the pack! IMO, the way you handle the inclinations of Earth's Moon and the planets is perfect for me. Being able to zip around the Solar System with the same ease as the stock system is also great. I've been making rough and ready configs to add Kerbalism radiation belts to the KSRSS planets but I can't seem to get Earth's belts to exist. I posed this over to the Kerbalism guys and they suggested I use the name "Kerbin" as opposed to "Earth" in the config file, but this didn't work either... @tony48 are there any naming conventions for the home planet or known mod conflicts I should know about when it comes to your KSRSS Earth planet? For anyone who wants to play KSRSS with Kerbalism radiation belts, my radiation.cfg file is below in the spoiler: Edit 1: I forgot to ask; do you have any plans to add atmospheres to both Triton and Pluto? Edit 2: So I have all the planets (including Earth!) to work and have updated the Radiation.cfg above.
  14. So I am playing around with KSRSS and have made very rudimentary configs for the real planets; all work fine except for Earth. Is there any reason why this could be? Here is the config for Earth: Edit: all I did was rename "Name = Kerbin" to "Name = Earth" in the Radiation.cfg file. I used the same approach for the other planets which look fine.
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