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  1. How about a test dummy A tech tree with crash test dummies to test forces on before putting a Kerbal in danger. It can start as a simple dead weight rag doll and go to a dummy with force sensors. Add artificial intelligence and you have a robot/android A Kerbal android? Note: people can still have fun sending Kerbals into danger if they still want. But some places may be to hot,cold, and have too much gravity too explore in the future.
  2. When I first started playing KSP, I went into sand box mode. Try for orbit by adding MORE boosters. Reached Kerbin escape velocity and no fuel left. The flight path was out past the planets and back into the Sun. Jeb took a long(years) ride out and then long(years) ride back to burn up in the Sun. Jeb had plenty of time to think while waiting to hit the Sun.
  3. Polar Orbit! The orbit stays the same BUT the planet is rotating under orbit.
  4. Hopes and Wishes? How about Option. Optional: Atmosphere planets have wind. Planets that have a tilt and spin cause air to flow. You could make it as simple as a directional gust. IF you want more complex, Air thermals, jet streams, tornadoes, hurricanes. What could be more Kerbal than a wind blowing apart a solar array?
  5. 5 level pilot, should be able to create nodes. I am at a loss for a cause of not being able to create a node.
  6. I play career mode. Did it have power? No, power = no control. Did it have a com link? If no link = no control.
  7. If you can't hire, can you create a Kerbal? LEFT ALT + F12 Kerbal create
  8. In Career Mode you may need to UPGRADE Astronaut Complex to hire more Kerbals.
  9. I have Active 45 Kerbals and 18 tourists 14 Pilots 12 Engineers 19 Scientists trying to keep track of them is a mess Suggest to add custom tabs in Astronaut Complex and VAB to group crews and sort Kerbals In Astronaut Complex ==== Example: Create Tab names Red Dwarf check Crew Tab (Note not a sort tab) Check boxes by each Kerbal Select Dave Kerman Rimmer Kerman Cat Kerman Kryton Kerman In VAB I can now see a tab with Red Dwarf and click it for the Crew. Shows Dave Kerman Rimmer Kerman Cat Kerman Kryton Keman ==== Example 2: Create tab named Pilots Check Sort tab (Not a crew) Option to check which Kerbals are in the list Check Boxes to show: Available Assigned Missing Check Boxes to show: Pilot Engineer Scientist Tourist Check Boxes to show: Male Female Check Boxes to show: 0 stars 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars Veteran Courage Stupidity ---- Select Pilot Select 0 stars 1 star In VAB if I click tab Pilot it will show all Pilots with 0 or 1 stars === Tabs can be created for Scientists Tabs for Engineers Tabs for Tourists This would make it easy to find match Kerbals to missions Just a suggestion.
  10. First Mun landing Landing from orbit Walking on Mun What is this? It is a crater! Selfie Kerbin eclipse Sun
  11. I was driving a solar powered rover on the Mun. I have the scatter mod. The Mun started changing to a orange red color. I looked back at Kerbin. I sat back and watched real time Kerbin eclipse the Sun and the color of the Mun change to black.
  12. When I first started, I used time warp all the time. Now, I am launching multiple rockets at a time, I use it less. I had 3 tourist missions, a save Kerbal in orbit, and launch a sentinel going at one time. If I time warped more than 2 days, some kerbals would not be making it back. I am in career mode, Less time warp means more missions complete faster and more science/money.
  13. 3 days each 14 hours work done. Time to really test Rover v2. Rover v2 on Mun and found stuff!
  14. Career mode what I have learned with rovers Rover v1 old low tech unlocked vs Rover v2 new all tech unlocked My frist Rovers was simple I have them on the Mun and Minmus. Still a noob just starting to leave Kerbins gravity to orbit Sun. Rover v1 Front Rover v2 Back Rover v2 More Batteries, Lights Always use landing gear to keep in place and they help JUMP to complete science while flying below altitude. Communications Retractable Rover v2 Retractable because I rolled over so many times with Rover v1 Solar Retractable Rover v2 There are some surface solar as well as retratable, again ROLL overs. Hydraulics Rover v2 hydraulics. Did I mention rovers flip over! Hydraulics flip them back. Scanning arm Rover v2 Large Scanning Arm tucked in tight because of ROLL overs. Ramming speed Rover v1 go BOOM. Rover v2 on side no damage. Advanced Inline Stabilizer Rover v2 has Advanced Inline Stabilizer so I can spin it back up. Rover v2 winner!
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