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  1. Hi everybody, I want to make around the Duna a relay network with 3 satellites, but i don't know how high i need to put the satellites, i don't know the perfect altitude. Can somebody help me?
  2. Oh, yeah this is possible. But after i wrote this question my ksp fixed itself randomly I don't know how, but it is now fixed, but i will save this mod for later, because it's possible that this bugg will come back and yeah, this physic thing is a possible problem. But thanks for the help, you helped me so too.
  3. Hello everybody, My problem is, that I want to make a space station around the Kerbin. I have separated the station to 9 parts, what i need to launch. I have 2 more parts and i don't know why, the eights (8) part I launched and when i'm approaching the station at 200 meters the station destorys itself completly. The station is with persistent rotaion oriented with radial in, to Kerbin. I'm controlling the station with a standard coupola, i control from here. So when i approach it, the station I don't know, possibly to normal or antinormal orienting instant itself and after that it's
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