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  1. I do not plan to have greenhouse and plants yet as oxygen generation by plants are not very used in space ( iss and the upcoming artemis missions ) and in a realistic point of view it would require plant watering,soil mass and light which consumes more water and energy (electric charge). However I really like the idea of adding food shelf life for packed food/snacks and rehydrating the food. Thankfully it is , I will probably remove radiation though
  2. I will probably have to modify kerbalism a lot then
  3. Thanks for your information and suggestion, I know Kerbalism is very similar to my suggestion . However it does not incorporate all those features into one mod as you said (oxygen,temperature,pressure,waste) and Kerbalism introduces the life support features as parts ( adds parts for food container etc..) which is different from what I initially envisionned which is having the life support integrated into the pressurized cabin and food as cargo/inventory parts which takes advantages of the 1.11 update. I might suggest the Kerbalism devs those features or make my own mod and share it on here wh
  4. Hey , thank you. Will try to make that mod happen, although it will take time and lots of research and testing.
  5. Hey I am Skoklater, I have a new Life Support mod suggestion. I know there are plenty of Life support mods like Kerbalism and Snacks and TAC life support already but I think my suggestion is a little different but a little more complex too. Food System So with ksp 1.11 and the new cargo features I think food/snack (stackable) supplies should be transported via cargo/inventory, have their own mass and quantity lasts for a certain amount of time depending on the number of kerbals onboard and duration of mission. Food can only last for 18months maximum before expiry or turning into expi
  6. Hello , thank you so much for your reply it was very informative and sorry for the late reply. The total polycount is actually 13k tris for all of the LOx tank + Truss Mount + Spacecraft Adapter + LH2 Tank. Based of 24 sided cylinders. The only problem now is if I add reinforcing edges my polycount will go up and I don't know if I even need to reinforce the edges since the mesh will get triangulated in unity anyway. Or do I need to reinforce those sharp edges so it doesn't cause problems with my normal maps later on ? This is the step that I have no clue on how to properly and correc
  7. Hello I am a KSP player ,it has been a year now but I am new on the forum so I apologize if I do something wrong. So I saw the Interim Cryogenic Propulsion Stage (ICPS) the one on SLS Block 1 for artemis 1 , and I wanted to make the ICPS for KSP 1.11 with separate LOx and LH2 tanks and the truss mount as a decoupler with monoprop tanks. I have made the parts successfully and they look good so far ( made in Maya 2018 ). I wanted to ask what should be the tri count for a fuel tank and detailed parts for ksp 1.11 ? I tend to add supporting edges and sharpen the edges to get a nice smoot
  8. I really look forward to see a SpaceX / KerbalSpaceProgram collaboration as SpaceX is doing so many innovations and they inspire people a lot. SpaceX is doing those reusable rockets that lowers the cost of the launches , their Starlink missions and internet speed, Dragon ISS resupply missions and starship. I really would like to see a KSP mission collab with SpaceX where space stations with any crew has to get supplies often like food and water to survive and where Space stations are up-gradable via EVA like installing new equipment and repairing damaged equipment. Would you guy
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