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  1. Thanks JadeOfMaar from recommending me this mod!
  2. This. You can get by with a dozen or so part vehicle. Just use the tank itself as the chassis, slap a cuppola on the front, some wheels, fuel cells, and batteries, and you're good to go! Yeah, I know...
  3. We all know that there is a stock science lab in KSP, which is 2.5m. Therefore, I am looking for a 1 kerbal science lab that looks something like this: Or can I just modify the config file?
  4. Maybe, but until the winter holidays.
  5. Sometimes you can't drive a stock 100+ parts truck to a 500+ parts SSTO, with some other stuffs scattered around, and a walking kerbal, can you?
  6. I would appreciate if someone who knows coding make a mod for this:
  7. I got this idea from here: https://www.simpleplanes.com/Mods/View/855080/Fueling
  8. Actually I mean a plugin, like KER, not a part mod.
  9. Recently, I have encountered problems such as the X on my keyboard is not sensitive anymore, causing lander to bounce as they land. Does anyone know a mod/plugin that automatically turn off the engines immediately when your spacecraft touches the surface of a planet?