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  1. I haven't played KSP for some time, but according to my previous experiences, you need to load the crew before putting items into their pod inventory in VAB/SPH. Otherwise the items won't appear. Whatever...
  2. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues So this is how you guys know which bug is it.. Just notice today, quite useful though.
  3. Maybe a cheaper screwdriver for welding parts for career? (I don know if the stock laser-welding machine cost a lot as I haven't update KSP) Or pausing the in-game time when attaching parts, so that I could attach the parts precisely without having the Kerbal/Ship drifting around.
  4. This topic is very very old now, but more useful and gorgeous in the earlier versions of KSP, where part textures are unimaginably bad.
  5. Hey, I have seen pictures like this before, how did they make it? I know Kronal Vessel Viewer can do something similar.
  6. I have a suggestion: Maybe you can make KIS compatible with the "stock KIS", maybe the "stock KIS" doesn't have feature such as the MK3 and other sizes containers, or they wouldn't have a cheaper(yeah, only in carreer or science) welding screwdriver, or maybe you could add some new features to KIS. Anyway, I prefer the mod KIS better, except for the lack of that cool high-tech laser welding machine.
  7. Will the Kerbals like synchronise with the crafts themselves while the players attach the parts? I have a hard time trying to fine adjust (attach& reattach a lot of times) the parts while using KIS, just because the Kerbals keep drifting and cause misalignment. If not, could I humbly request for that feature?
  8. It's life, I am not going to remove the KIS containers from my KSS Aurora too. Anyway, I am going to keep KIS and KAS (cause it might be less buggy). Soon... Me after watching the KSP promo video: Oh yes, it's so cool! The laser welding makes Kerbalkind look more advance! I am going to not to use KIS anymore! But had to deal with the KIS containers first.
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