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  1. Perhaps, you mean that you are really impressed by this mod, and would like some improvements in texture because they are kinda out-of-date. However, you could use words like "bland/plain/not stock-alike" instead of "ugly/sticking out/my god(in terms of describing negative things)". That would sound more sincere and polite. (but if u really are mocking this mod, then i have no words)
  2. THERE'S NO LIFE ON LAYTHE, it was the Infinite Improbability Drive all the time!
  3. Imagine if there's actually some easter eggs INSIDE Jool...
  4. I don't think so, but it's for sure that you will have to replace the KIS boxes on your stations all over again...
  5. Even Woomerang Launch Site joined the fun now... Now people are putting a lot of KSP locations on Google Maps, wonder if this is my fault (just kidding)
  6. Who put "Kerbal Space Center" at Unnamed Road, Kerbin, Tanzania in Google Maps??
  7. Just saw this post today, and I have been wanting such mod for a long time, way back in KSP 1.2.2... I have a few questions. First, there is a feature known as "Same Vessel Interactions", where parts can push each other on the same vessel. Does parts that are attached on other animated parts have the same effect when moved? Second, Does the engine gimbal animations works as well?
  8. I have seen you entioned about the "New KIS" for quite some time, is it a completely new mod? Most importantly, is it compatible with the current KIS? (as well as the stock one) Nah. Nothing.
  9. "Stock inventory..." Or do you mean "stock parts"?
  10. I have been using KIS till now, and I never touched the stock KIS before, so I don't really understand what does it mean by "...which will add the ModuleCargoPart to all parts which don't already have it". Does it mean that not all the parts can be placed in the stock inventory? Or does it mean that some parts that should have inventory, does not have?
  11. You might have to use mods that provides fairing panels as a part, with TU support. Maybe Procedural Fairings"?
  12. Is the name OPT from The Miracle Of Endymion? There is a company that has the same name in it.
  13. I don't really think so, as far as I know, all the parts were considered as one "part" group in the code, and it would require a lot of time for the modder to use separate codes for every single part, but anyway it depends on the modder.
  14. Oh, is this true? I never notice that. I only pay attention to the aesthetic of my ship everytime I build one.
  15. I haven't played KSP for some time, but according to my previous experiences, you need to load the crew before putting items into their pod inventory in VAB/SPH. Otherwise the items won't appear. Whatever...
  16. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues So this is how you guys know which bug is it.. Just notice today, quite useful though.
  17. Maybe a cheaper screwdriver for welding parts for career? (I don know if the stock laser-welding machine cost a lot as I haven't update KSP) Or pausing the in-game time when attaching parts, so that I could attach the parts precisely without having the Kerbal/Ship drifting around.
  18. This topic is very very old now, but more useful and gorgeous in the earlier versions of KSP, where part textures are unimaginably bad.
  19. Hey, I have seen pictures like this before, how did they make it? I know Kronal Vessel Viewer can do something similar.
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