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  1. Yup, with some electric strips would surely be better!
  2. How about textures disappearing? It didn't happen in your mods, but I remember once I faced that issue in others.
  3. Are you sure that it's a glitch? I think there actually is a black hole cause I warped for an ungodly 2 hours (meanwhile I went out and leave my computer at home) before I discovered it.
  4. Let's just call it Sphoenix (Space + Phoenix) By the way, can you provide a download link? Looks nice!
  5. Oh, I have never used Restock before, so I didn't expect it to have a switchable variant.
  6. *clicked "relaunch"* Then KSP became sooooo laggy that I quited it.
  7. Just tried out KSP 0.13 (one of the oldest version) for fun recently, and I have escaped Kerbol, max-warping for like 2hours; THIS happens: As you can see, there is a "light-blue" orbit path and that's Kerbin's, around Kerbol. And we are orbiting around a humongous black sphere which Kerbol is also orbiting around. Does anyone has ideas of what is going on? Squad, is Kerbol really orbiting around a black hole in KSP 0.13? Flight view: By the way, I can't control my ship. If I zoomed in:
  8. Where is your "Attach Anywhere" RCS? You didn't use Janitor's Closet, don't you?
  9. Fun fact: Part mods can work for almost all recent KSP versions, just that you need to delete it's MiniAVC.dll file.
  10. Anyone who plays SimplePlanes before and exploded a "Cleaver" missile will know what I am talking about. I feel that this should be added into KSP too, just that every fueled part will exploded like that.
  11. I suggest you to look for KAX - Kerbal Aircraft Expansion, if you are more interested in prop-liners. For 3.75m plane cockpits, this is the best mod that I have known so far; plane parts! A variety of plane parts for you to choose from:
  12. Crew Capsules? I thought all of them were already aerodynamic enough? Or do you mean winged capsules? or reverse facing capsules?
  13. Nertea, please add them back (or something similar to them, holds a lot of MP)! 1. I used and like MP engines very much. 2. They were vital and certainly not excess. 3. I don't actually used Restock (I don like the restock engines, that's it)
  14. Yeah I know, but it is totally irrelevant...
  15. May I ask why did you removed (or make them deprecated) the MP only fuel tanks? It was nicely textured and served as a vital component on my MP-engine powered ships.
  16. Can't believe that I scroll this page too quickly that it scared off a tiny fly on my screen.
  17. Hence, can anyone create a mod, which adds in a blast mark and some fiery debris that scattered around instead of just one "bam", after a fueled-part exploded. Of course the blast mark can be disappeared after you left the physics range. Anyone who plays SimplePlanes before and exploded a "Cleaver" missile will know what I am talking about.I feel that this should be added into KSP too, just that all of the fueled parts will exploded like that. I will appreciate if anyone make this mod.