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  1. how about a fix for the mirror symmetry since it is currently broken.
  2. all you have to really do is change the controls
  3. spacex is still a major rocket company so why not and if anyone can send a rockomax tank in this thread i gladly customize it a SpaceX variant.
  4. i think there should be a spacex update any ideas??
  5. these things are just awesome go and tell other people about this congrats you are the mission experts you did not make it look easy
  6. this is the thread for submissions and entries of the cargo lander challenge link is here
  7. this challenge is for a fully reusable mun mission there will be a separate thread for entiers and contest winners. has to be 100% stock DLCS allowed
  8. can i get duna mission package rocket

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    2. ItsSnowyy


      may i know why you quit

    3. Raptor9
    4. mvb4298


      which craft would you recommend for a duna mission??

  9. the images are from mattlowne i am going to try
  10. you have lander a lander on the mun and return it kerbin it has to deploy a big mobile base or 100 tones. it can be built in 1.10 and later has to be 100% stock dlcs can be used. it has to also be able recover the mobile base.
  11. how do i install KK's Atlas pack
  12. how do I make a custom suit please help?
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