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  1. Absolutely, but what I have seen makes me think otherwise.
  2. "The COOL THING". I am not sure what the cool thing is... But it could be.... adaptive music.... btw, even if it is something completely different, I know I will still love it
  3. Ksp 1 can be very dark. Some times I want to play, but it can be so dull I decide not to. The Kerbals and Kerbin realy do need some liveliness, and it appears the devs realized the same thing.
  4. Yup, would add a lot of depth and life to the game.
  5. Agreed. Maybe even include the first tutorials on getting to orbit and Mun. I know I could get tons of people into ksp 2 if this was a option.
  6. Jeb, rip and tear until it is done. KSP Rock theme commences For real, ksp kinda has adaptive mysic already if you think about it. You get to orbit BAM music. Mun BAM music.
  7. Ok KSP Star, I see you liked this post...
  8. Most of my conceptualizations are very similar. I always compare it to Forza Horizons.
  9. I just realized, minmus will probably have better resources then the mun.
  10. Adaptive music, kinda like in the Doom games. It could totaly fit for ksp 2.
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