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  1. Avout the tech tree, pretty sure nate said it recently.
  2. Career mode will not exist in KSP 2. Rather, adventure mode will take its place. As you achieve milestones in adventure mode, new parts and paths are opened on the tech tree. Also, a demo should ABSOLUTELY be released, especially on consoles. We need to be able to have the game running on our machines.
  3. My opinion- Save for DLC Or If this feature is going to be added down the road, release the game without it and then add it in.
  4. I get what you are saying. A similar situation has veen happening with my beloved XFL, which was set to return Feb. 2022, but is now delayed (2023).
  5. Remember, in certain clusters, star systems are much closer to eachother than in our IRL local system.
  6. I used to be on the side that autopilot was bad, but an autopilot for landing on pads could be good.
  7. It would be nice to be able to set launch pads as targets. Atmospheres make landing on launch pads with precision very difficult.
  8. I believe that easter eggs may expand the "story" of KSP, along with discovery and experimentation on each new celestial body. But a actual campaign is very unlikely.
  9. Anyone remember the guy in the forums who said he was play testing KSP 2?
  10. True. If ksp 2 comes out 3rd or 4th quarter, it is less than a year away, which is hype, but also means it is close and we can pass the time.
  11. I did a VR space station thing. It was cool, but super disorienting with the whole floating around thing. Made me imagine what it would actualy feel like floating in 0-G.
  12. Oh ok. I would think like all most games ksp would have sliders for all facets of the game: graphics, lighting, performance, etc. The PC version would have the best sliders, while the console version would have lower sliders.
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