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  1. I found it in some article roadmaping Take 2's future releases. Honestly, it doesn't matter because we know it is releasing in 2022, and it is impossible it releases before April. I am hoping for August, but I am starting to realize the unlikelihood of that.
  2. Possibly, I believe it depends on the accuracy of the archive. But I have no idea.
  3. Good find. This Steam page stuff is intriguing. Ok so I just want to add that ksp 2 is planned for fiscal 2023 which begins in April. The game will release in 2022. Personaly, I do not see the game releasing in the winter season because it is not a holiday game (in my opinion). Looks like a fall release to me.
  4. It is strange that some games that are releasing in 2022 don't say coming soon, but either way we are in the planned release year, less than 365 days away from KSP 2. This is interesting. Wonder how soon soon is (if it was manually set to coming soon).
  5. I thought it had to be changed manually but im pretty sure it just happens when the release year and current year matchup.
  6. Sometimes I wish the game was never announced. That way we wouldn't be stuck in these limbo years of waiting.
  7. Another forum user has said that Nate Simpson stated he has some new coming up (I cant find the post). If this is true, I guess it explains the relative quiteness. However, I don't want them to just go dark for 4 months. Hopefully this news comes out sooner than later, I feel like we need it.
  8. Totally agree, I can wait longer. In all honesty, their are three things I am realy anticipating at the moment: Avatar 2 comes out in December, and the XFL comes back in 2023. I want KSP 2 to come out earlier, but if it does come out later it's fine. I feel I have been waiting for stuff for years (because I have!). Hopefully KSP 2 can fulfill its promise, as many of us have been waiting since it got announced!
  9. Oh cool! I remember a lot of peo0le upset the game was not confirmed for Linux. If this manifest into anything, the game will launch on every possible platform exept nintendo switch! (Sorry switch users)
  10. I can live with that... just not December!
  11. And even less depending on when the game releases!
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