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  1. This is 100% true! I believe that the reason this has not happened is that the devs are preparing a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Instead of showing us little tidbits, they are saving up for something big. Hoping for a demo, release date trailer, gameplay, open beta testing, etc.
  2. Great insight! I hope we get some vegetaion. Lapat would be a pretty cool name.
  3. Yeah it would be kinda cheap to just make abother planet eith green trees and grass. If they go for alient vegetation, I want to see something new and unique.
  4. I just see an oppertunity with colonys being integral to gameplay.
  5. I feel that the system I am putting foward would be nice. It may not float everyones boat- which is fine. The option to have other colony's of other players appear could be opptional. Or you could merge game. Their are a lot of minute details that go into this.
  6. To clarify, all I expect from an mmo for ksp 2 is as follows. On evey planet, their are multiple colonys from your friends and random people. You can merge games from the colonys. This expands the games scope without being unreasonable. I know this is just hypothetical, but I feel this would be a great way to expand the game and make ksp 2 feel more ALIVE.
  7. We shall see. I personally would like to see something like this.
  8. I still believe this game is lending itself to a MMO style, with colony trading. Doesn't mean you can't have 2-4 player "squads" or lobbies, but I see the multiplayer being on a large scope.
  9. Maybe we should get more analog planets and moon (basicly glumo). Some have talked about a Neptunr or Uranus analog, but I would love to see a Pluto analog with the red material and the icebergs. Pluto is beautiful.
  10. Regarding life, I believe that it should be in the game. Here is my awesome example. Ex. Your Kerbals create a settlement on Gurdamma. Suddenly, your Kerbals become SICK! You are informed that something on the planet is causing this. You experiment on the soil, air, radiation levels, and finally... WATER. You find life, the cause of the sickness. This can be used as a gameplay mechanic.
  11. Same! This game is realy making progress. Been following it for more than a year now, and I firmly believe the delays are OVER!
  12. In the newest vid they talk about planets viewed from orbit vs landing and exploring. I think to orbit one was done early. I explained this horribly lol.
  13. Was looking forward to a post. Whatever.
  14. Maybe we will get a KSP 2 showcase at an upcoming trade show?
  15. When they say KSP, I believe they just mean the entire brand. Also, I think that T2 probably wants people to think about KSP 2 when they think about KSP as brand.
  16. It doesn't need to be changed, just add to its outer system.
  17. That is the only rench in my theory. But remember the tutorial clip showing an undiscovered celestial object orbitng kerbol (sun)? Not saying I am right. . .
  18. Im not a big fan of the name debdeb. How ever, DONK is just great.
  19. DebDeb system is stacked. Charr Gurdamma & Donk Ovin Glumo, Merbel, and other unkown moons Hope this systembis close to the Kerbolar system because it seems so cool.
  20. Sandbox. It is just easier. I actualy landed on Bop a day ago. I recommend playing in sandbox or science. I CANNOT STAND career mode!
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