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  1. I'm still a noob with modding but I'm a big fan of Stargate and this is awesome lol. I am good with Photoshop and somewhat competent unwrapping models so I'd be more than happy to help create a UV for you.
  2. Are you looking to do everything in Blender? I just make the parts in Blender and use Unity to set it up for KSP, I found that to be more straight forward for me.
  3. Not that I know of. I thought that's what this forum was for lmao. Two years ago I was determined to make parts and spent all my waking hours pulling my hair out trying to learn Blender, Unity and how everything worked. I got really good, then stopped for some reason. I'm basically relearning everything. Raiz Space on YouTube has some good tutorials. It's really annoying trying to piece together how to do certain things especially when most of it is outdated. I think determination is key. I can help you out to get started if you'd like.
  4. Ugh, I knew it was something stupid! Somehow when exporting the blender file, the apply modifiers box got unchecked so the edge split modifier never got applied. Crisis averted lol
  5. This is driving me insane! I made a simple fuel tank and the shadows are constrained to the part and not the ship. Can anyone help? I'm losing motivation.
  6. I have a cheap UGEE tablet I use for Photoshop that works great. I've never used it in Blender though.
  7. So I'm having a problem I haven't dealt with before. I made an inline RCS unit and It's like the shadows aren't working right and it's constrained to the part and not the whole ship. I feel like I messed up something simple but cannot figure it out. In Unity I've tried diffuse, specular and bumped specular with the same results. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hello, I've made an inline RTG and I'd like to have different radioactive materials that have different power outputs along with different life spans. I'm not sure how to do the life span part, if it's even possible. For example you could select Americium-241 that lasts like 400 years but has very little output, or Strontium-90 that has higher output and lasts 25 years... Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  9. So, when loaded in game with the PNGs it looks fine? Only when converting to DDS it gets messed up? Can you upload the PNGs? I will convert them for you to see if it works.
  10. I'm fairly new myself. I do the Blender-Unity route as it has worked for me so I can't answer some of these questions, but the radius is the line from the center to its perimeter. So if you modeled it to 1.25 the diameter is 2.5. if you want a 1.25 part you'd model it at .625. As far as the texture I found when converting the png to dds you have to invert it. I use the nvidia dds plugin for photoshop and just had to make sure the inverted button was checked. I could be wrong on that since you're only using blender.
  11. Appreciate the work you've put in this! What's the deal with setting up emissives on lights? I've got this sweet light I created that has made me age a year in the last two days from frustration. I checked the Mod Development Links Compilation thread that actually has a link to setting up lights with emissives, but the link is dead. 90% of those links are dead. I'm losing my mind!
  12. Greetings! Long time lurker and player. The past two weeks I have dived deep into making mods. I successfully made some fuel tanks and an engine with all the bells and whistles. What a headache learning this stuff is! To my issue. I have made a light and I can not for the life of me figure out how animate both the light object and the emissive color in unity. I've tried combining the two animations... I just don't know what the hell I'm doing and I'm starting to pull out my hair lol. I did some experimenting before adding the emissive and the light worked just fine, but now I'm lost. Both animations work when played but i need them to play together lol. I have a tenuous grasp of unity. Can someone break it down barney style for me? Thanks
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