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  1. MagPie Mods is generally the go-to mod for shiny parts
  2. Textures Unlimited doesn't come with any configs for itself. It only grants other mods the ability to tweak the materials of their own or other mods/stock parts.
  3. What are you expecting to see in-game that's not appearing?
  4. You'll need a direct link to the image. 1. In Imgur, click the image you posted 2. right click it 3. click 'copy image adress' You now have a direct link to the image. Direct links to images often end with .png or .jpg. Do not expect a link that doesn't end in a image file format to embed propertly. Most sites will assume these to be links to normal websites. Here's what your direct link to the image looks like:
  5. That issue is not related to any mods. It's a common and persistent stock bug. Weirdly enough, the Scatterer mod has a fix for it. If your computer can handle it, you should install it and the issue will go away.
  6. It's quite astounding that i never seem to be able to escape that particular Hatsune Miku map no matter the community im active in.
  7. To add upon this, wings have mass. So it's not a good idea to bring wings along if you don't plan to use them.
  8. You can easily do this in the engine config. The RCS thrust limiter can be edited in-game by right-clicking the part with the RCS module. Just reduce this value and the problem will go away.
  9. There's already quite an extensive thread on this subject, i recommend checking it out.
  10. One solution is to update it youself. Just make sure that the license allows for independent forks if you cant contact the author.
  11. It might be worth to post your KSP.log file too.
  12. The craft files added by mods are likely stored inside their individual gamedata/ folder.
  13. What mods do you have installed? Can you try to upload the image agian, preferably using imgur? Has this always been an issue?