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  1. Granted,NASA Mistaked it as an Dangerous asteroid and Redirects it to Mars... I wish The Cassini-Huygens SpaceCraft was still in Service.
  2. Banned for insulting my secret plan to Arrest those's Ilegal Engineers! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!
  3. Granted,they're available on a new KSP DLC! i wish Roscosmos made a Launch vehicle capable to push Huge Payloads in a orbit Around the Moon
  4. Banned for being a SpaceCraft Engineer. (Must be Arrested,then Interrogated for MOAR Information about Ilegal Engineers) (here,catloaf,Have this Rep point from me)
  5. Granted,It only appears on KSP as a DLC(cost 15$),with RSS and Kopernicus Installed,not in the Real life. I wish The MIR Space Station never De-orbited.
  6. Granted,looks like it's just a De-orbiting Starlink satellite,not a comet after all. i Wish the Titan IV rockets were still in service.
  7. I am From Argentina,which it's a Country where i talk in spañish. i have learned english for a long time on 3 Different steps: 1)watch more than one thousands of English Videos on Youtube. 2)learn English on School. 3)Play (and enjoy) VideoGames in English Language. I can safely say that my Learning-english period has been Finished...(except my weird Grammar) -Kane Kerman-a(not so) Expert on faking a jool landing video-
  8. This Picture Reminds me to something,also,it's Expensive as my Modern Launch Vehicles wow. 7/10,seems like a Low Budget Probe(Or Robot?),However it looks Cool... Mmmmm,Unfinished ehh,what could be the Final Version of this Robot? Edit:Oh,Looks like i accidentaly Necroposted here.Nevermind...
  9. Hello There JimTheBeet! To upload your Pictures,you may want to read this now.(you'll Need a Imgur Account) https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/175283-tutorial-how-to-link-successfully-to-images-on-imgur/ not only imgur,you can also upload in another Platforms!(i don't Know how to upload on other Platforms) -Kane Kerman-a(not so)Expert on how to fake a Jool Landing Video.(uhhhh)
  10. *cough* i-is this some kind of... joke? or am i Doomed from this Universe?be honest,im sometimes serious. am i Banned for smashing a inocent button?
  11. Hi guys! Im so Happy to Join this Forum! I have joined this forum in 11 of July. However,im NOT new on the game! i have been playing KSP for like 4 months. I Hope that this community keeps Surprising me a Lot! -Kane Kerman,a(not so) Expert on how to fake a Jool landing Video- *Smash the Submit Topic button*(and hopes he wont get banned)
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