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  1. On 11/4/2020 at 3:35 AM, ffx said:

            cacheFile = FFX planet pack/Cache/Jegle.bin

    filepaths data can't recognize the "Spaces" you putted in for some reason ,so ,remove all the space you putted in the Filepath ,it should look like this:

    cacheFile = FFXplanetpack/Cache/Jegle.bin

    also,since your planet doesn't have an atmosphere:

    change this:

    On 11/4/2020 at 3:35 AM, ffx said:

                    flyingAltitudeThershold = 30000

    to this:

                    flyingAltitudeThreshold = 0


  2. if you want to get the hell out of the Kerbolar System, follow this tutorial:


    1. a legal KSP install
    2. a Core Stage Booster.
    3. A Upper stage Booster.
    4. Another Booster.

    Optional Ingredients:

    2. more stages.

    step 1.

    Install ksp,and blah blah blah pay the FBI a couple of... mony.

    step 1.25.

    uninstall Orbiter Spavce simulator because idk.

    step 1.5.

    doubledouble click KSP_x64 or x86 or wathev the exe name is.

    step 1.75.

    wait trillions of years for ksp to load.

    step 2.

    Design your rocket with your damn imagination.

    in case you ddon't have imagination(like me),copy one of the following rockets:

    N1 1M1 mockup on the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in late 1967.jpgApollo 11 Launch - GPN-2000-000630.jpgTitan4B on Launch Complex 40.jpg152px-NewHorizons_Rocket_Bly.jpg

    and now the final step:

    launch that Rocket you've builded in the VAB, fire dah engines,once you have reached into spavce,fire again the upper stage you've designed,blah blah blah,do orbital maneuvering,and once your spacecraft has encountered the Mün,make sure you're not into a impact trayectory on the Mün,modify your "Sub-Orbital" Trayectory into a "Orbital" Flyby Trayectory.

    it should look like this(ignore these damn Joolian moons of the gif picture):


    fire your another Innertial Upperian booster once you have reached the periapsis(ergo,the most closest aproach point) of the Mün.

    blah blah blah,do wathev stuff on InterKerbollar spapcve.

    the end.:wink:

    now, if you will,i'll bury myself on the Kremlin wall Necropolis forever,bye.:lol:

    waht kind of abominability and disgusting tutorial i've made...

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