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  1. Do you have EVE (Environmental Visual Enhancements) installed?
  2. Love the details of the IVAs, can't wait to try them out once released.
  3. Thank you, Squad for all of these 10 years of continuous fun and updates, and I wish you good luck on KSP 2.
  4. Make sure you installed correctly Kopernicus, also make sure you have real solar system and rss textures installed
  5. I absolutely love this mod, thanks for making it @benjee10, but I have trouble with the KerboArm wobbling around when launching or reentering. I have KSP version 1.8.1 and also I have installed Breaking Grounds DLC.
  6. Banned for not knowing that Energia was the rocket, Buran was the shuttle mounted on Energia
  7. Get rid of KSC Harbor, it only works in stock, thats conflicting with kerbal kontructs
  8. Not only that, but it ripped apart the ears of the kerbals who were watching the broadcast with headphones lol
  9. You need to check if Kerbal Konstructs version is the latest, the latest version is
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