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  1. Mangalyaan is gone ISRO hasn't said anything yet but most sources seem to say that the propellant ran out, either way it didn't have much time left anyways, it was just old
  2. Honestly comparing an unfinished game to a laggy mod is just a stupid thing to do, I'm really starting to get sick of people looking at development footage and saying that it doesn't look as good as Parallax, at least the vast majority of us will probably be able to actually RUN ksp 2.
  3. The feature video schedule is once around every 5 months, so we may actually get one soon, there is also a a surge of new footage and news before one, so fingers crossed for October! If I had to make an educated Guess you could probably go into the clouds but not MUCH deeper, sort of like the Galileo probe.
  4. Wait there's a ROVER?!?! I've heard nothing about that, how will they even store it on the probe?
  5. The two are practically the same vehicle, the only difference is the crew were risking by putting them on a flying coffin.
  6. This has gotta be the only time I have felt good about a crash! Best view of Dimorphos: It's clearly a rubble pile like we thought, elongated probably because of the rotation, I wonder if it even survived seeing what OSIRIS did to Bennu
  7. 5 minutes "Contingencies done haha" Lets make the Deep Impact team proud
  8. That one scene is probably the reason I refuse to watch that film. You can sort of make out Dimorphos as a little dot. I think they're livestreaming DART's camera
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