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  1. Oh I see. But we need to remember the first one, it hasn't really changed to make it good for consoles, it just has a different bundle all together, and I doubt the console version will be released with PC and will be worked on separately mostly after main release like ksp. Though I do agree with you that they should put their efforts on the PC version.
  2. I doubt that really came from your cynical half, That's a concern I've been having. Nauka was fun to laugh at but now that we've sacrificed a module for this thing it's becoming serious. I hope the docking and subsequent events are uneventful, anyhow Il be on vacation when all the Boeing/Nauka stuff goes down so I hope I don't return to a disaster
  3. I don't think you understand, KSP 2 is releasing on PC as you hoped for along with console editions.
  4. STOP IT! I don't want to die of my own tear flood!
  5. Wow Nauka has just been having...a really bad time...
  6. @KSPStarare the demo images in the post from the game or is it a test scene?
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