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  1. 2nd! This looks like the best one yet! Edit: 3rd?
  2. Looks like the jool system is not done with this updates revamps yet:
  3. I'm sorry Dave i'm afraid i cannot do that. No really i wish i could help you but i'm terrible with computers.
  4. Here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rn3s33is34sxsu/StockalikeSolarSystem.zip?dl=0 This is a link Beale Posted in Tantares page 787:
  5. Totally random question but what happened with the martian moons mod? Did you lose the assets? or did something personal got in the way? Does it need some sort of revival?
  6. So i just watched Interstellar on friday and it was great, but one scene in particular caught my eye. The docking scene was full of amazing CGI and emotion and once it was over i instantly wondered if it was possible to do something like that in Kerbal Space Program. So here's the Challenge: 1: Dock a ship to another vehicle spinning very VERY fast. 2: Do it within ONE MINUTE of the start of the procedure. 3: Use any ships you wan't but i will paste a link to the Endurance mod AND the Event Horizon Mod if you want to be true to the film. Record your attempt and po
  7. When i try to open the folder all it says is that it's invalid.
  8. Some sort of Energia revamp? Could it be some sort of old N1 concept?
  9. In the singularity mod the my "cool mod" thing for the direction of the spinning of the disk does not work what do i REALLY type in.
  10. Goodbye my bouncy Frog friend.... JK i pasted the Prop F into the newer release gave it a new name and BOOM! ready to bounce around on Gilly!
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