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  1. Good point but Merbel is a moon and it's not part of a binary system.
  2. No 9 There is: Rask Rusk Puf Ovin Char Glumo Unammed rocky planet And an unammed ice planet nicknamed Eeloo 2.0 So 8
  3. 8, 9 if you count Rask and Rusk as individuals (which I do).
  4. But if it is 12 systems people would be like: Oh I expect like maybe 2 more systems or three if were lucky but that's a strea-oh uh...
  5. Better not hire me, I'm not old enough don't know how to use blender, and more importantly, I would spill every little secret.
  6. It's like the SSTV signal from the Duna pyramid. WAIT that pyramid is part of a scraped story line from 2013: And earlier in the feature video you see this: Yes a distant planet far away from Kerbol with a bunch of question marks around it. Iv already got a thread on this topic:
  7. I doubt it since that rocket was seen before 1.10 was out and it was probably recorded all at the same time sometime in late 2019-2020.
  8. It could be nova kerbani from GU. Sadly the rocket seems big so it might be awhile.
  9. I think the further the rocket gets into space the closer we are to release and when it reaches it's destination the game will be ready.
  10. Well I saw CECIOUDI So I really don't know
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