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  1. Hello Nate, many thanks for you and the team sticking with the game! I was wondering how different the science system will be from the first game with all the new locations and the new mechanics that are being introduced.
  2. The common joke that "Fusion is always 20 years away" applies well to Starship; "Starships launch is always a month away".
  3. Bullseye! It was so precise that I thought it had missed up until it was right over the barge.
  4. We have a visual of the capsule Signal is back Heck of a lightshow, drogues should open soon Drogues are out Main chutes are unfurled! Endurance is ready for a swim! Splashdown! Welcome home Crew-5!
  5. My computer after I finish a simple one way mission to Minmus:
  6. Ok, back on track 2-minutes, third times the charm? T-1 minute Hold? Scrub
  7. If it was a problem with the rocket I doubt it's taking off this month
  8. Were back to 2 minutes Lets light this candle
  9. Possible vessel in the range. My least favorite type of scrub
  10. I believe someone said something about Verdas planetshine being purple in color. It could be a sign of microbial life. Also another user calculated distances from Kerbol; "If the “offset” variables are to be taken as measured in light years, using Pythagoras, Debdeb would be 2.55 light years away, Qeg would 8.6 ly and Tuun would be 3.76 ly. This would mean that Qeg and Tuun aren’t members of a binary system. Also of note is the fact that the y value for offset is zero each time, meaning every star is in the same plane—perhaps even Kerbol’s plane of the ecliptic? I’d have liked the challenge of massive inclination changes around Kerbol" I had to modify it to get it into the forum and the math they did had to be removed but that's the gist of it.
  11. A reddit user found a possible binary pair of stars called "Qeg" and "Tuun". They also found two new moons named "Bis" and "Verda". The later also seems to have oxygen in it's atmosphere!
  12. Gotta say I'm really looking forward to this mission, go JUICE!
  13. *Cracks knuckles* Alright then, last time we had to get off a little early, lets do this properly.
  14. Good work. My PC could never handle parts that size
  15. Hot take: You guys have no right to complain about KSP2. Potato's really don't make for good PCs you guys :rolleyes:

    My new Portal 2 "it's not much but it's mine" potato PC. This is a triumph.  : r/pcmasterrace

    (this was a joke of course)

  16. I have similar issues while running missions, sometimes the fuel just straight up goes missing in a stage.
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