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  1. You: Vs the guy she told you not to worry about:
  2. I'm not really a coding guy but I could probably do the descriptions and names if you or someone else ever decided to finish it.
  3. You did good Beale, you made an amazing mod but could by any chance be adopted in someone was willing though?
  4. btw Beale, I have to sound pushy but what's going on with 2/3MV? we haven't heard from the little fella in awhile
  5. We have a visual! Two drag chutes are out! Main chutes are out! SLPASHDOWN Welcome back Inspiration4!
  6. We've seen footage of Eeloo with dim lighting.
  7. Does this mean S16...is finally gonna do something
  8. Daily hopper is relatable: I love how SpaceX connects to the public with little things like that. Also notice how they put little Starship hints in there videos, it's like Marvel
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