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  1. I agree, the whole thing is very Kerbal if you really think about it. This kind of feels like something that should be in the main thread though.
  2. This isn't the greatest moment in KSP history. This is just the greatest moment ever.
  3. Top ten things space enthusiasts thought they might never see. Hard dock! Welcome to the ISS Starliner!
  4. Final approach is starting 1 Minute to contact Soft capture!
  5. What just played in the stream? Something about a sinking ship?
  6. "Working on a small issue". Stars above help us all-
  7. After all this time it's finally about to happen. T-3 minutes
  8. Call off at last minute on account of forgetting the mystery goo unit?
  9. Max-Q It's at kind of a weird angle, I hope it's planned. MECO SEI Fairing is off Entry burn startup
  10. T-1 minute Go for launch! T-30 seconds Liftoff!
  11. Honestly this isn't bad news, early 2023 is just a few extra months of waiting, I'm just happy the game is in a release window again. Thank you for the update and for working so hard to make this possible, you guys are awesome!
  12. Sn15: RIP Sn16, I somehow got attached to that thing in it's months of just sitting there
  13. It's insane he's still ALIVE, how is it possible to have almost killed a person in a parachute test? The Angry Astronaut is gonna be bursting at the seams
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