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  1. Wait there's a ROVER?!?! I've heard nothing about that, how will they even store it on the probe?
  2. The two are practically the same vehicle, the only difference is the crew were risking by putting them on a flying coffin.
  3. This has gotta be the only time I have felt good about a crash! Best view of Dimorphos: It's clearly a rubble pile like we thought, elongated probably because of the rotation, I wonder if it even survived seeing what OSIRIS did to Bennu
  4. It looks kind of like Bennu 1 minute, locked and loaded!
  5. 5 minutes "Contingencies done haha" Lets make the Deep Impact team proud
  6. That one scene is probably the reason I refuse to watch that film. You can sort of make out Dimorphos as a little dot. I think they're livestreaming DART's camera
  7. Neptune as seen by JWST: I think I just found a new profile picture
  8. judging by the sheer size of that rocket I think you'll fit in just fine here, welcome
  9. It also looks like one of the doctors dropped the poor thing when it was born. But if it works it works, it is pretty cool that might actually make a crew launch vehicle in the near future
  10. She's been our majesty and head of state since before my parents were born, this is a tragedy on a scale I simply cannot put into words. God save the queen, long live the king!
  11. Don't even bring it up, don't make me hopeful about it.
  12. It does have the same skybox as in KSP 2 Pre-Alpha footage so this is probably on either Rask or Rusk because it seems that this planet doesn't have an atmosphere and Rask and Rusk to not seem to have any in other footage.
  13. I figured I'd post this here since it looks like it's from KSP2.
  15. Scrub it and pull it back into the VAB for another 6 months?
  16. Forecast is always wonky when it's days in advance so maybe it'll work out. But assuming they use up they're attempts when will it next be possible to launch next?
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