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  1. I'm talking about gas planets, given the higher gravity and the altitude needed for the amount collected to be profitable your gonna need to go really fast and assuming you figure out the extreme heating and the aerodynamics of the craft a grain of dust at that speed would destroy it or damage it so the forces already at play do the rest.
  2. Been dead for quite a while from what I can tell at least.
  3. I know many issues with the ramjet have been pointed out but what about debris protection? hitting a grain of dust traveling that fast will vaporize your craft and you can't put some sort of shield on it because it needs to be open, and there is a point where a particle is too large to be affected by the scoop.
  4. Anyone notice weird plumes that looked almost like they were coming out of the rockets sides? it's probably just me but I can't help but wonder if it was an actual issue.
  5. I didn't have time to edit into a "real" meme. Totally didn't just rip that off the internet hehe...
  6. Hello and welcome to the forums Given how long ago this was posted and the lack of activity this mod will probably never be released.
  7. In that case the games name should be kerbal terraform program.
  8. Holy cow just show us the images XD Southern ring planetary nebula
  9. that age old question that haunted generations, is cereal a soup?
  10. I'm confused, the image is stunning but is it infrared or visible light? NASA did say in press releases that the image would be "full color".
  11. I didn't know you were developing KSP2! amazing work
  12. I heard the white house will release the images TODAY at 5PM EDT, sadly I have no link to a broadcast
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