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  1. Granted, but it causes the planet textures to switch. I wish I could get the money for another PC that could run KSP after I lost the one I had
  2. No feature video today Stage 1 of grief: Holy cow quit yammering actual gameplay OMG-
  3. That's what's on T2's release release schedule.
  4. That seems to be the case Stage 1 of grief: Denial
  5. That might be triggering to some people to look at from orbit Other then that this is really good
  6. Apparently it's fiscal 2023 now (now to early 2023). Not a great sign but we will have to see, I've predicted that the next feature video will be out tomorrow in the past, I bet you a shred of my dignity on if it will happen.
  7. They'll wait until the day before just to make us extra angry
  8. IDK they positioned themselves in a very interesting way, could still just be because it DOES look better with yellow in front but it just feels off in some way. Depending on how carefully they chose they're words (and how much they care) the trip after their spaceflight might be just as interesting.
  9. I can't tell if this is sarcasm, I love this either way. Welcome to the forums It's important to recognize that KSP2 has had a hard time, mostly surrounding the chaos of Star Theory getting killed off and then the pandemic which would lead to a lot of changes in release time to begin with. But even beyond THAT the game's scope apparently changed quite a bit after the mess that was early 2020, and for all practical purposes it may as well be a restart for the game.
  10. Lets just say Kerbals have had a bad history with Jool
  11. The payloads are safe! Congrats to Astra, good to see you in business!
  12. The broadcast is ending, that's not a good sign, lets hope things work out.
  13. The quietness is very concerning, well at least they got to orbit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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