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  1. 3 hours ago, Jalaris said:

    Found a bug that causes the inability to launch spacecraft with kodiak engine.

    Repro steps:
    1. Install ReStock, Restock+, Waterfall, WaterfallRestock

    2. Add Kodiak engine to any craft

    3. Hit launch

    It won't launch and will instead return to KSP. I'm not sure if the bug is with Waterfall alone but I had only the above mods installed when I noticed it.

    You're using the newest release correct?

  2. 3 hours ago, tater said:

    I guess the same is true of Dream Chaser (cargo) to be fair, since the orbital element gets dumped.


    I'm surprised they didn't go with the designs like the Dinasoar where it's an exposed spaceplane, but they instead went with the X-37B style. Maybe Arianespace just wants an X-37B. They are independent from ESA right? Since they're a commercial space provider.

  3. 8 hours ago, tater said:

    What's the point of it, exactly? Seems like they throw away the important bit (the propulsion and solar array), so they can launch a cubesat, then land a grossly overbuilt... fairing.

    Yeah, it kinda looks like a more disappointing Dream Chaser.

  4. 1 hour ago, Hallahan said:

    I just want my career mode. Though it also be cool to do contract missions like someone will pay me to launch their satellite in space with my rocket 

    Yeah, advanced career mode where we can send off stuff for other people and we get to develop our own science/rockets. Too bad it's not something for launch. Maybe they'll do something post-launch? I'm just hoping since Career was fun, but somewhat lacking after seeing Commercial Space Programs take-off and not just State-owned Space Agencies.

  5. 4 hours ago, KerikBalm said:

    Most solid core, closed cycle designs wouldn't be very prone to leakage, but it would be interesting if each LV-N (and similar engine) had a certain Uranium stock, and then after that you'd need to bring it in for overhaul/fuel reprocessing/replacement. Currently you can just keep pumping LF through the same engine ad infinitum (and LFO through non-nuclear engines).

    Yep, having to do maintenance for your vehicles would be adding another edge for the Kerbal adventure. I've played with Engine Ignitor and Kerbalism and it does quite infuriate/challenge you when you have to compensate for the broken engine.

  6. 5 hours ago, SpaceFace545 said:

    Sadly career mode is being removed because the devs thought money is annoying and are replacing it with science mode with more steps

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that's sad. Money managing was fun. Hopefully they'll re-add it back in a future once they've gotten their foothold for KSP 2. 
    Maybe update it with more "Real life bureaucracy"-kind of style. Seeing that interplanetary colonization has a large emphasis in this game it probably looked like Career mode was gonna be too overwhelming for the player, to the developers. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Bej Kerman said:

    The game is about exploiting orbital mechanics, not exploiting objects only predicted by relativity.

    Yes, it's an orbital mechanic game with spectacle and they're even trying to make the game more appealing to a wider audience. I love trying to learn orbital mechanics to fly my ships but the prospect of adventuring and discovering the planets + career mode is what kept me going.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Bej Kerman said:

    The problem here is that wormholes would sidestep using the near future tech to do the whole interstellar travel thing the whole game is about. Squad didn't know what KSP 1 was going to be like when they were still considering a warp drive, but we sure know what KSP 2 will be like, and it won't have wormholes.

    I'd say the best implementation is through naturally occurring pre-set defined locations of where there would be wormhole entrances. After all, generating wormholes are extremely science fictional.

  9. Yeah, for me I'd say the most I'd miss is BD Armory since blowing stuff up intentionally is too much fun. The man's work is now on Service Mode and has gone to work on VTOL VR soo someone else will have to take the torch on to the 2nd game. 

    It's really something game changing for me, especially since now with multiplayer and the possibility of inter-planetary or interstellar wars.

  10. It'll be somewhat interesting... A random coordinate number generator for a "Wormhole". If it did get implemented it's most likely gonna be pre-set coordinates with warped lighting that sends you to another pre-set in-game coordinate.

  11. 15 hours ago, K^2 said:

    If you're well above atmo, doing any kind of volumetrics is way overkill. Rendering atmo as a shell is quite sufficient, and you can write a shader that estimates scattering for every point. So I'd probably just use a normal forward pass on this. For rendering clouds from within atmosphere, there are plenty of standard methods. A simple ray caster can give you amazing fractal clouds at barely a hit to performance. All of this is pretty simple to set up in Unity.

    What do you think will the implementation of planetary weather would be like? Akin to Martian Dust Storms or water planet waves.

  12. Seeing that PBR Textures are at full throttle for planetary bodies, do you think they'll go volumetric fogs for the atmospheres and gas planets? Or gas planets will be shader-based and with most effects being screen spaced. I'm hoping for a more visually livid representation of particles at the asteroid belt and planetary ring. A huge plus for enhanced atmospheric transition between the transition of atmosphere and space.

    We'll probably see last/current gen implementation of lighting systems. Ray-tracing is very expensive and mainstream adoption of dedicated hardware is still quite low due to the prices for the cards. 

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