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  1. Actually, I think even if that object is a “ablative resistant baseball”, it still really terrifying: It's already hypersonic, so I don't think it makes any difference if it's a weapon or just like Zhao’s words it’s not If use the Chinese meme, we the Chinese just be like “I neither know nor dare to ask” China: I used to said that X37B definitely not just a small space shuttle that simple. You see, I’ve already told you
  2. This is the original text from the Foreign Ministry spokesperson and I put it in the translator directly Bloomberg reporter: According to the Financial Times, China has tested hypersonic missiles. Can the Foreign Ministry confirm this?   Zhao Lijian: It is understood that the test was a routine spacecraft test to verify spacecraft reusability technology. This is important for reducing the cost of spacecraft use and could provide a convenient and inexpensive way for humans to return to peaceful uses of space, and several companies around the world have conducted similar tests.   Separated before the spacecraft returns is the spacecraft's supporting device, which will burn up and disintegrate during its meteoric fall into the atmosphere and land in the high seas. China will work together with the rest of the world for the peaceful use of space and for the benefit of mankind.   AFP reporter: Was the missile you mentioned earlier in response to the Financial Times report?   Zhao Lijian: As I said earlier, it was not a missile, but a spacecraft. Well to be absolutely honestly, I hope it really is about the “Spacecraft” for peaceful use of space.
  3. And if someone really want to know how the Chinese people reaction about the FT's hype on this, can try this link and just watching the review below. I think the Chrome would translate the Chinese overall hahaha https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1zR4y1J7J8
  4. Well, The West always needing a Judas, and it never cares whether it is or not. Once it was the Soviet Union, now it's just our turn. How much better it would be if mankind would not waste resources on unnecessary politics but would get out of the earth and develop the universe together
  5. In fact, the effective monitoring of a particular hypersonic vehicle of a particular country in real time is, I think, still a bit too advanced for the current scientific development of mankind lol. But with today's modern technology, which can capture the moment of launch of an anti-aircraft missile that shot down a civilian airliner, If it did "crash" and was a few miles off target as reported, I don't think the Western satellites in the space wouldn't have been able to capture the crash site. Some media in China said that it is more likely that the object landed at an airfield near the conventional test site rather than aiming to hit it. But who knows? Maybe few decades later, time would tell us
  6. As a post-90s Chinese, I think the reaction of most people my age when they hear such news about our hypersonic vehicles is "finally it's your turn to worry", and I guess it's the same for the previous generation, my father's generation. Frankly, the FT hype is more like a conflation of our several hypersonic re-entry experiments into a single story. With the surveillance capabilities of the Western countries' constellation of satellites monitoring the Chinese test site in question, I don't believe you couldn't get a picture if it really did crash, and if you did I don't believe you have the patience not to put the news out and continue the hype. The words of our Foreign Office spokesman were along the lines of: well we did experiment, more than once, and we threw something in half way, which you didn't see, did you? And btw, the FT picture looks particularly like the "Earth Engines" from the movie "the Wandering Earth" starting up, and actually I believe it's the launch pic from Tianzhou-2
  7. Docking a Shenzhou at the end of the Tianhe* Russian astronaut: I know that!
  8. well emmmmm..... first time using the robotic arm but it didn't working one button shows "#autoLOC_8005438 YES/NO" Did I missing something?
  9. emmmmm... what happened to the HabTech2/Parts/Trusses/ht2_solarArray_duo/ht2_solarArray_duo ? just stuck here for no reason
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