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  1. Many people in Xinjiang recorded videos of the spacecraft as it re-entered the atmosphere: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1X14y1E7vW/?spm_id_from=333.788.recommend_more_video.0&vd_source=6fef304b8d0c4737896e6b702ddfbfb3 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1CG4y1R7NG/?spm_id_from=333.337.search-card.all.click&vd_source=6fef304b8d0c4737896e6b702ddfbfb3 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1We4y1u7ET/?spm_id_from=333.337.search-card.all.click&vd_source=6fef304b8d0c4737896e6b702ddfbfb3
  2. In case of that, the staff from CNSA who in the CCTV's live said, the parachute disconnected or not only control by the astronauts in the spacecraft. Logically it's also possible that the astronauts didn't feel they needed to do that. Because it is relatively short and round, it seems to be one of the northern varieties of japonica rice. Pretty full of rice
  3. Philippines: PhilSA Vietnam: VNSC Malaysia: MYSA Thailand: GISTDA Indonesian: INASA/LAPAN Brunei: ANGKASA-X/BurneiSpace (Wiki said they have this but I can't found them official website) Myanmar: Myanmar Aeronautics and Space Agency (But it's empty) Singapore: SSTL (but it's a non-government space organization)/CRISP (wiki said they have it, but I can't open the link) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_government_space_agencies Some countries that are not as developed now but have an immediate need for satellites. So, some of them will come to other country to find some satellite service. And CNSA's satellite services are basically a "turnkey delivery": you present your needs and budget, CNSA design and build the satellite for you, then put it in orbit and hand over full control of the satellites to the country concerned. So, the question arises: Is Lao Asia Pacific Satellite Company Limited (LAOSAT) considered a government space agency?
  4. Although comparing with X-37B, the Chinese one may still be a rookie but... today is its fourth month in orbit
  5. There may have been a slight glitch in the spacecraft's return: the parachute wasn't successfully disconnected after landing. Which made the ground crew had to saw it off after picking up the astronauts. Looks like someone's going to get a scolding! Via. https://weibo.com/5616492130/Mi4kMad43
  6. Fei Junlong's son, 费迪 (Fei Di), join 5th Institute of CASIC and work as Shenzhou-15's mission planning assistant. If you work hard enough, you can not only control your dad go to space, but you can also even decide what your dad going to do in space too!
  7. The captain of Shenzhou-14, Chen Dong, "officially" handover the "key" to Fei Junlong, the captain of Shenzhou-15. Since now the CSS is officially began to be permanently manned. This "key" I think is the ratchet spanner to open the hatches, which is indeed a key in a way.
  8. Fun fact: in many English-Chinese dictionary, the first word is Abandon (or at least within first three) -Ha I'm gonna to learn more English today! *turning pages* [Abandon] -OK I got it *close the book*
  9. Arabidopsis seeds carried to CSS by the Shenzhou-15 crew are growing seedlings. “According to the plan, approximately 20 hours after launch, the payload is installed by the astronauts into the general-purpose biological incubator in the Ecological Life Experiment Rack of the Wentian Module to conduct scientific experiments. Over the next 30-50 days, in the microgravity environment of space, the experimental system will carry out automated real-time monitoring of the morphology and development of wild-type and various mutant and transgenic plants in orbit. Once the samples are recovered, scientists will systematically analyse the mechanisms of the biological effects of microgravity in space by combining the genomic sequencing of space-treated samples with correlation analysis of ground-based simulated microgravity samples.” Sprouted in just two days, seems like this thing pretty easy to grow! (In fact, Shenzhou-14 also brought arabidopsis into CSS. And this is the second time that arabidopsis has germinated at CSS) Forgot this: The rice in the CSS carried by Shenzhou-14 crew was in tassel at the start of November: “Its actually rice has started ripening in space for the first time." I think the Shenzhou-14 crew which will returning home few days later should be bringing back this rice ripened in space for follow-up research on the ground
  10. I read another article days ago from Philippine: https://globalnation.inquirer.net/208580/blasts-heard-in-pag-asa-island-after-ph-china-sea-encounter A series of blasts was heard by residents of Philippine-occupied Pag-asa (Thitu) Island in the West Philippine Sea on Sunday (Nov. 20), powerful enough to jolt the ground as it rippled across the island. As someone who listened to the sound of a 76mm gun (HPJ-26) test near a naval shipyard for a whole week, while the sensation is subjective, such a description feels a little exaggerated to me if the event occurred within 2 to 3 km of the person hearing the sound. Of course, it's possible that the same thing may not feel the same on the island as it does on land. My guess at the time would have been: "Hey boys, go to XX waters and retrieve the rocket wreckage now." The relevant commander carrying out this instruction: for safety's sake, take a few more ships. Philippine side: HOLY... 'that day' coming?? They are coming to take the island!! *Did everything in the articles in stress reaction* When confronted with a Philippine vessel that was on the move and "appeared ready to fight" on radar, the Chinese vessel fired a warning shot (or possibly some shock bombs) and informed the Filipino of its intentions through communications such as radio. Things happened and we got the articles.
  11. Apart from mine, oil field and solar panels fields, I have a feeling that the idea of this thing might even can be applied to Mars.
  12. Jiang Zemin, the former Chinese leader, and ultimate decision-maker of China's manned space programme was passed away today in Shanghai. Fun fact: the Chinese words '神舟' (Shenzhou, The Magical Boat of Sky River) on the manned spacecraft and '神箭' (Shenjian, The Magical Arrow of Sky River) on CZ-2F rocket were his handwriting. Thank you, for everything, the 'Elder'
  13. All the 3 of the Shenzhou-15 crew haven't getting used to weightlessness, always trying to hold on to something hahaha
  14. Knock knock I have a feeling that every little gesture and perhaps even every word spoken by the two crew members during their meeting in orbit today will be "little tradition" for the future of the CSS. From 1992 with nearly nothing, to now, completed one of the space stations in the orbit. Countless experts, workers and people from all occupations who support them have given and even sacrificed too much. Thank you and thank you to all those who have made outstanding contributions to China's space programme. Keep going, CNSA!
  15. Meanwhile in station: Words from the left: Liu Yang; The palace in the sky awaits you! Chen Dong: Welcome lads! Cai Xuzhe: We will be back! Welcome to China's home in space! Via.https://weibo.com/1971177973/MhixZdkKP
  16. Let's go! The crew now are heading to the launch site. Live in Chinese: https://tv.cctv.com/live/cctv13/?spm=C28340.P4hQlpYBT2vN.ExidtyEJcS5K.25
  17. Reason why: Yesterday I was involved in an online meeting. It was a cross-departmental meeting around 70-80 people. And... I just show the people how to slap myself twice by no reason... After the meeting my minister asked me if I needed psychiatric help...
  18. Just an impulsive angry question: why humans haven't exterminated mosquitoes
  19. According to my experience to stay in UK. I really visit their space museum in Leicester. My comment is that if that's the best they got, I'd rather get a Russian or American visa to see them sometime. Compared to museums whose collections are themed around WWII and pre-WWII, this is the most boring British museum I've ever been to.
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