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  1. Speaking as someone who living in the city where DJI and Huawei and many other high tech companies was founded, our city definitely worth a bomb. So the metro in our city all design to make them can be the shelters. Meanwhile all the underground car parks under the apartments are required to be nuclear, chemical, biological and air raid proof based on the size of the flats. Those concrete doors are pretty thick and heavy have to say. But of course, I would recommend to living in somewhere not that “hot”, probably somewhere inside the mountains, or somewhere plateau higher than 4000m. As for me, if the bombs really incoming unfortunately, I’ll try my worst to find out where the direction maybe. Then find a white wall, show my fingers - at least leave something in the world, such as a strange shadow.
  2. Actually he came from same province with me. I even visited his tomb before in Guangzhou. He was actually one of a large number of Chinese labourers who came to the US in the late 19th century try to find a better life - he arrived at the age of 12, in 1895. At dusk on this September day, his plane made its first flight next to a round hill in Auckland (hit anyone’s radar who living in Auckland?), and after 0.8 km, the propeller suddenly stopped because he had tightened the screws on the propeller shaft too much and snapped off the root of the propeller. The plane fell to the ground, but fortunately he was not injured this time. He had learnt his lesson and his second aircraft was based on the Wright Brothers' Aviator I and the Curtiss Golden Flyer. The second flight was a success. At this time China was undergoing a revolution to overthrow the Qing Empire. Feng, like many Chinese at the time, returned to China with the technology they specialized in. On 25 August 1912, he died in a tragic crash during a flying display at Yantang, Guangzhou. Of course, I've heard that California is pretty accommodating - if you think you’re a Californian, you’re a Californian. So you say he was a Californian for around a decade I won’t argue anything about that lol
  3. Galactic Energy: The launch of CERES-1 Y11 was failure. First failure for CERES-1. One more bad news is the satellite on board is Jilin Changguang's first 0.3-metre resolution satellites planned for official commercial service.
  4. 21 Sep. 1909, was the day for Feng Ru (冯如), the first Chinese to make and fly his plane first time in California. He also started the history of Chinese aviation.
  5. I think human knowledge of places beyond the solar system is still very limited currently: kinds like strange imagery that ancient people had of places beyond where they lived. And it's likely, because human imagination can only be based on what they already know. So probably...
  6. All of those living dinosaurs have been found - 69 in total: https://news.southcn.com/node_54a44f01a2/cbdda6a784.shtml The funny thing is, previously we knew that there were 71 crocodiles on this farm. The local authorities tried their best but only found 69 of them. After further questioning of the farm staff, it was learned that one of the two crocodiles had been slaughtered in September last year and the other in December 2021. The police found buried crocodile bones and a crocodile head that had been left in the refrigerator of the farm staff's house for "collection". Another good news is those metro stations in our city that have been shut down because of flooding, finished their repairs and are back in service. If it wasn't for the fact that this line is very crowded during rush hour after work, I'd really like to check them out. Typhoons are a great thing to cool off in the summer, and everyone tends to look forward to them - sometimes we can shut down and take a break. But... people are also afraid that it will mess up and cause disasters
  7. PLA Daily reported on the part of the last three EVAs of the SZ-15 crew, which are keeping classified: The second EVA carried by Fei Junlong and Zhang Lu needed them to connected a equipment which have 20 plugs. The part of the third EVA task was installations of connecting cross-module cable connector, which have 40 plugs on it. The last EVA need to to go to the load cabin of the MT Module from WT Module’s airlock - some kind of from the leftmost to rightmost. Still no report on mission duration though.
  8. CCTV: 15:45 CST this Thursday, there's going to be the fourth Tiangong Class. This time, the class will include: Introducing MT Module Spherical flame experiment Magical "ping pong ball" experiment Conservation of momentum experiment Gyro experiment again Space and ground interactive session
  9. The patch this time combined with the last time: I find articles with detailed introductions of Tiangong and Tianzhou published in academic journals hosted by BIT and CAST - tons of more info than wiki: Tiangong: https://spj.science.org/doi/10.34133/space.0035 Tianzhou: https://spj.science.org/doi/10.34133/space.0006 Actually, I was looking for the interesting thought I just know but was already presented last year: Karst Cave as Terrestrial Simulation Platform to Test and Design Human Base in Lunar Lava Tube
  10. Strange question: is there anyone out there who like me, dreams of getting into a fight/arguing with the client sometimes?
  11. Good news is my wishes come true. I can’t say it’s sunny day but finally, the streets are dry. Bad news is I make a little crash on my dad’s car for my first time - hit on a stone pillar when I getting in the parking lot in the speed around 3km/h. But good news is that’s not the first time of scratch for my dad’s car - he had once few weeks ago at the plateau.
  12. Strangely enough, such carelessness and bad luck could happen to me in real life lol But only if ground control can cure me of my bad habit of just wanting to stay in the base and watching the computer
  13. Irresponsible personal speculation: another ballistic missile midcourse intercept test. The sightings were basically within Hebei province, so it's possible that the launch was somewhere inland. That’s a good chance for OSINT practice their skills to find out the route: there’s full of videos and photos with when and where the people took them on the “Hebei UFO” Weibo trending.
  14. The info about this from the Chinese internet is "it's named from Tajik word meaning 'tall and majestic'." I'm glad the mountain is high enough without humans letting it conjure up some kind of weird imagery and naming it after some body part. You see, no one in the world really cares about who came in second.
  15. According to an advertisement about the study camps hosted by the Wenchang Launch Site, there are going to be three launches in WSLS: this November, December, and January.
  16. https://x.com/CNSpaceflight/status/1702184609407193219?s=20 Sputnik: Venezuela Will Send Its First Astronaut to Moon as Part of China's Mission
  17. However, considering a few years ago the other "government officials meeting" in Singapore - Their news is quite a lot of nighttime footage of bustling Singapore. And said that "hey look that's Singapore." Meanwhile, many of them have been to China and Russia as foreign students. So, it's very likely that what you think they're going to talk to you about, "I can't find the money for my next meal", but they actually going to talk to you about "how well DJI drones can be modified and carried".
  18. Apparently, there's something "rockets" were launched. https://x.com/King9999915/status/1702130737166827723?s=20
  19. https://news.sky.com/story/libya-flooding-more-than-5-300-feared-dead-after-dams-burst-12959679 I've seen some weather enthusiasts talk about an unprecedented 400, maybe even 600 mm of precipitation in the desert areas around here - that's almost two or even ten years' worth of total precipitation in the area all at once. More than 400mm of precipitation (in 6 hours) is enough for the coastal city with subtropical monsoon climate where I live to pump three to four days of water out of the metro stations and underground parking lots. It is hard to imagine how this happened in desert cities. Whatever you think about climate change, there's really something happening in every corner of this planet.
  20. It's a five-hour drive from here. And it's a different river system with us. Meanwhile, there is also the "traditional post-typhoon programme" of big fish escaping from nearby aquaculturists' nets and flooded reservoirs. You can very easily pick up oysters, mussels and all kinds of clams on the beach - literally pick them up without any searching. I also read about a hotel that said that a pool of koi carp worth tens of thousands of RMB alone for the single fish that they kept in a carp pond in the hotel lobby had been washed out because of flooding. However, several stations on the other metro line are still under repair because the whole station with the metro tunnel was filled with water. If I remember correctly the deepest of those metro stations is about five floors - because of the integration of underground shopping streets. It seems that the water was basically pumped out yesterday (finally!). The other thing that was almost basically pumped out yesterday was the nearby underground parking garage. The insurance company will be busy for a while lol What a mess! Add: their local media said that they have already got 8 of them - and shoot them dead immediately. Hope this weekend can be good weather - four weekends in row of extremely heavy rains!
  21. For thousand years, we the humankind only working on two things: how to boiling water faster and how to throwing something out further.
  22. CMS: At 9:13 CST on Sep.12, 2023, the Tianzhou-5 cargo spacecraft which has successfully completed its set mission, has re-entered the atmosphere under control. Most of the Tianzhou-5 components were ablated and destroyed during re-entry. Some small amounts of the wreckage fell into the predetermined safe water of the South Pacific. During the Tianzhou-5 mission, it completed the space hydroxyl fuel cell power generation experiment. The spaceborne energetic particle detection payload it carried completed its first extravehicular detection mission. Release the cube sat "XW 4 (CAS 10, Macau Student Science 1)". And break the record for the fastest rendezvous and docking between a spacecraft and a space station in 2 hours and 7 minutes. Thanks for your service and farewell, Tianzhou-5!
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