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  1. It all depends on the editing capicity, I personally like some flat designs, but it is also true that the interface can be seen much better with slightly more elaborate designs. I think it would be nice to access that repository, to see how far we can customize the game as external designers. What I am looking for is to give the game a better interface thought from the point of view of visual load, so that the controls do not lose functionality, but are not so "noisy" either. It all depends on the community, what you can contribute and suggest, I will take into account all the paths a
  2. Hello all cosmonauts! This is my first post in the community, I hope to post this in the right place. I'm a graphic designer, and I've worked on some mods for other games. But KSP is my passion and I would like to collaborate with the community. I decided to do some tests for an improved interface in the graphic aspect, without intervening in the size, functions or positions of the elements, just perform in reskin of the interface. (especially for QHD and 4k) Seeking to unify unnecessary colors to decrease unnecessary visual complexity, and also make those long trips to Elo mo
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