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  1. It's strongly recommended for any ksp install that you have 8gb of RAM to run KSP, but if you have less you may be able to run with less since GU is modular. If you're truly determined to get all of GU running or something crazy like that, join the GU discord as there's an experimental mod in testing at the moment that can drop KSP's RAM usage to as low as 128mb (yeah you heard me right).
  2. Just a friendly reminder that the KSP 2 team doesn't have to give us any news.
  3. About the scatterer thing, that’s due to broken configs, not scatterer itself
  4. I’m fairly certain there is at least some benefit as the textures a technically grayscale in game instead of full RGBA, and most clouds are white so you don’t really have to worry about that. And plus, if you need it to be colored, EVE has a covered for that. So not only are you saving on raw files sizes but you should be saving in game RAM too. (Of course you could just use a standard alpha map to the same effect) While would say that is true of planets like Earth and Mars, maintex res doesn’t matter, I would say that’s a bit different for gas giants. On earth you basically just use the maintex to place the detail tex, which is fine. But on gas giants the maintex is your full texture because it covers the whole body, there’s not really a way to make it more detailed from afar with the detail tex, hence why I used 16k textures on the gas giants. (I apologize for poorly wording this) That being said, 16k textures are probably overkill anyways and 8k would probably be fine.
  5. Currently in GGE I'm 6 (I think maybe 5 now) 16k textures for Jupiter's bands, these have a substantial impact on frames and that's something you should keep in mind. Maybe you could use RGBA cubemaps to lower the amount of textures? For example, 4 16k (98304) textures turns into 6 4k (24576) textures since you can use the RGBA channels individually. Minor issue is you'll have to color them manually, but from what I've seen here that may end up better in the long run. Also highly suggest checking out my video on UV flow maps as I think it could help here if you're going for dynamics. As for detailtex idea, probably could work at a scale of 1 or so, you'll just lose what the band originally looks like (if that makes any sense). Anyways keep up the good work , lemme know if you want me clarify any of this in dm.
  6. Looking at some of the work you've posted here, I'm really interested in seeing what you can bring to the table.
  7. https://github.com/ballisticfox/FoxProfiles-TUFX If you want some of my more experimental TUFX profiles check out my github.
  8. Are those pictures new? Last time I visited they were still refurbishing the Mercury-Redstone.
  9. Hello! GGE only has configs for scatterer 0.07 at the moment so if you're using 0.08 I suggest you downgrade. If that's not the case we can continue this here: Also next time you have issues with a specific mod I suggest you bring it up on their forum thread first.
  10. Great mod! Noticed it the sepratron was overlooked . Anyways, great work!
  11. That’s a common issue and we’re still not sure why that’s happening. Just f5 + f9
  12. Please ensure that you are using the latest 0.08xxx version of scatterer Looking at the logs, it’s an issue with Alpha Centauri (Nova Kirbani), uninstall that system for the time being while I figure out a real fix.
  13. GasGiantsEnhanced 0.6 | Juno and GGE-Moons v0.3.0 | Juno, are is out! https://github.com/ballisticfox/GasGiantsEnhanced/releases/tag/v0.6 -Removes uneeded band around Jupiter, doubling performance -Added a lite mode for those with lower end PCs -New 16k textures and heightmaps for Jupiter's Moons -New PQS mods -Rocks on all Galilean moons -Bug fixes
  14. Well now that I'm back from holiday, I finished up Rhea! Not super happy with it as I couldn't create a good heightmap but oh well. That leaves Tethys, Dione and Titan left so I set up a new poll for you guys. I'm going to do Titan last for... reasons, so it's not in the poll.
  15. Well... it's 50/50 how thrilling. I decided to go with Iapetus because, and no offense to the Rhea fanboys, it's just generally cooler. Textures are a little rough because, surprisingly there isn't actually a lot of good data out there. Next up will be Rhea then I'll do another poll for Tethys and Dione. And remember this is just the first of probably 3 texture "passes" I'm going to do so nothing here is final. That being said I do need suggestions on what you think is subpar.
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