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  1. Truly it depends, if you had kopernicus installed already and don't have any satellites terrameters out then don't really have to worry, I would still make a backup just in case tho.
  2. Just heads up I probably won't remake this config for the new scatterer update, to disable the new tonemapper press the blue sphere button at the space center and set the tonemapper to 0
  3. I don't they've ever had everything refurbished at the same time. Pathfinder is still being refurbished and probably will be for the next couple months at least (probably a year or two), there were a couple rockets missing, notably the Mercury-Redstone, but there was still a lot of neat stuff there. Got some pictures of the skylab sitting outside, the saturn rockets (indoors and outside), some of the F-1, J-2 and J-2X engines and a couple of the indoor LM mockup.
  4. Ah, is there any chance you will add a post-reentry variant at some point? Understandable, I hope at some point we’ll get better lighting and reflection shaders but I doubt it’ll happen before ksp 2.
  5. So I was wondering, is there any chance you guys are going to make the toasted version a bit more.. toasted. Note: I have fairly easy access to the US space and rocket center in Huntsville so if you would like me to get some pictures I can Side note: the SM is somewhat reflective and I would love to see that in game
  6. Released some updates to Tau Ceti and Epsilon Eridani containing fixed science gains for the homeswitches.
  7. Removing systems set to true won’t do anything though if you set the system to false while it’s still installed it can break scatterer, rule of thumb is just don’t touch the general settings and instead go into GU/_Systems create a folder called PluginData, then throw all systems you don’t like into that folder and your done. as Grimmas said AVP and GU’s stock visuals don’t take kindly to each other so remove one of them
  8. did some testing with that, it caused a weird loss in quality when the camera was close to the craft, lowering them to 0.520 and 0.300 works a bit better
  9. Thanks! The square camera, color grading and film grain tufx, The film matte background and the film scratches were in a photo editor
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