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  1. So what's next for Luciole? (Love the launch pads. Managed to do two simoultaneous launches by joining the large and small pads together!)
  2. Tried out the update earlier - launch pads are great! Thanks again. They look excellent and I love that you can attach fuel lines from the tower! Gonna Google 'grounded' mod. R
  3. Thanks for this looking forward to trying it out!
  4. Oh wow! Thank you thank you! Looks great
  5. Perfect! One of the things I like about Orbiter is countdown and launch can be a big deal. In KSP hitting spacebar sometimes feels unceremonial. So, fueling the rocket adds some suspense Can wander a kerbal around for inspection before too etc etc. I always wished KSP had a crawler which took your rockets to the pad (optional). Anyway, thanks!
  6. Just a thought - could you include a fuel tank in the pad, so you can start the rocket empty and fuel up...if you want? (I don't know how easy it would be to add a fuel tank)...
  7. Looks great - I particularly love the stairs so a kerbal can inspect the rocket!
  8. Haha, I meant 'immense' in the figurative - like 'great/awesome/brilliant'. Funny choice of word though!
  9. This looks immense - can't wait. Also, looking forward to trying out 1.3!
  10. Ofcourse, I meant no pressure. Thanks for your time on all of this. R
  11. Hi everyone! @Nertea, are there plans to 'fix'/ update the fairings for NFLaunchers for 1.10? Thanks! R
  12. Thanks both! Really appreciate it!
  13. Haha that's not a bad idea. But I'd prefer it to house crew; the advantage to making something this size is more tourists, more money. If I don't use the extra capacity then it'll cost more to launch than the 5m version etc etc...
  14. Hi everyone I've made a starship-esque vehicle using Nertea's brilliant Near Future Launchers mod. However, I can't find a crew Compartment modnthat is the same diameter as the largest tanks (7.5m I think?). Can anyone point me to a crew Compartment that large, please? Thanks! R
  15. Hi Everyone What do people use to make models for parts? I'm thinking about making something simple, seeing if I can mod. R
  16. Sweet - I'll give this a go. I did discover that if it fly prograde on reentry, it takes the cluster out of the plasma stream and it's fine. However, this reduces the control I have on where I land, so this will be better. Thanks! R
  17. Thanks for this - I'll give it a shot! I assume Nertea won't mind?
  18. Is there any chance you would consider increasing the heat tolerance of the NR-U1 Upper Stage Mount? It's currently 2000K and I use it on my starship-esq ship. Everytime I come back from the Mun it overheats, taking the engines with it but everything else survives. I've tried airbrakes, ablative airbrakes, radiators attached radially. No luck...reaches 2052K and ...boom. Great mods btw, love em! Thanks,R
  19. I'm.going.to give this a go: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/157353-1xx-ablative-airbrake-v101-11-april-2020/
  20. I tried it with radiator panels...didn't work. The engine mount still overheated. (It's the NUR-1 upper stage mount from near future launchers).
  21. Thanks - are you referring to the inflatable one? I mean small panels you can attach with a high heat tolerance, like tiles - so you can make a custom heatshield no matter the vehicle shape. (For example, you have a fuel tank with a 1400K heat limit, so you attach the files and they have a 3000K limit or ablator, and it makes a heatshield). In this exact instance I've got a 5m, starship. (Thanks for all your mod btw, really appreciated.)
  22. Hi everyone Is there such a thing as a attachable heatshield? Ie. Squares you can radially attach to create a bespoke/custom.hearshield? My current vehicle is robust during reentry except for the engine mount - so it would be great to add some shielding. Any ideas or pointers would be really appreciated! Cheers! R
  23. This looks great - going to take it for a spin! Thanks for making this. R
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