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  1. There is the outdated community ISS mod that has configs for it in RO (might want to tweak the configs). There is also CX Aerospace but they only contain the US segments of the ISS and not all of the Trusses. If you want to make the ISS in RO in 1.8.x and above I recommend waiting for the ISS Community Revival by Sampa to release.
  2. The Ariane V Core diameter is 3.75 in KNES, in order to make it fit the Orion from redirect it would need to be a diameter of 3.125. The concept shows no adapter for Orion but it does need an adapter for the Cst-100 which was proposed in Irl. It would also need a new paint job. Here is also a picture of the proposed LES that would need to be made.
  3. Maybe you can include Orbital ATK's Liberty Launch Vehicle from the Commercial Crew Program for the CST-100 you are currently making.
  4. Hi @Nertea, Not sure if this has been asked before but I've been wondering if you ever considered adding docking Nodes? For example the Unity and Harmony Module has it's docking ports on the side of the module but it has it protruding inward. Also love this mod btw.
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