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  1. Looks great! 2 refineries - does this mean larger ion engines?
  2. @Jacke- That's one thing I hadn't thought about. Kerbin is only a tenth of the size of earth! Thanks.
  3. @Jacke- The earth doesn't have a single point of mass, and there are plenty of stable orbits, right? Am I missing something?
  4. The Beet Farm Hello and welcome to The Beet Farm, my depository for all the junk I end up making! Shout out to @Triop's thread, Triop's Adventures, which inspired me to create this thread. Up first: The KSS Humboldt, an air-deployed submarine - somewhat lacking in functionality or purpose. If I feel particularly tech savvy, I may even include a craft file! Who knows? Coming as soon as I figure out how to post pictures.
  5. This is sorta specific... but it would be really neat if the ksp 2 devs fleshed out the on-planet mechanIcs a bit more. One main part of this would be to spread out individual planet's masses throughout their crust. From my experience, it seems that planetary mass is all contained in a single point at the planet's center. I doubt this will end up happening, as it would be very cpu intensive! Anyways, it is a space game, not a submarine game.
  6. I just logged back on to the forums... @Triop is back!
  7. Recently I've had a lot of fun reading through this thread. I hope you're feeling better @Triop.
  8. Hello! I've been playing KSP for a while now, and making good use of the forums, but never got around to making an account. So here we are!
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