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  1. Mods that are not explicitly required for installation by the user, but needed as a dependency of another mod, will be marked auto-installed. The idea is, if a mod is removed, auto-installed dependencies are removed as well (unless another mod depends on them). This way, your game will not be left with useless texture or library mods that would not be needed after you decide to remove a mod. I'm not well versed in computer sciences, but I believe it is a similar concept as the "autoremove" command of some package managers. Also, note that the RP1 bundle of mods is extremely complex, with dependencies depending on dependencies and checks for compatibility everywhere. You might have hit an edge case caused by updating a specific mod, and maybe one of the extra mods you installed created a weird relationship pattern conflict. In any case, I hope you were able to get your game working again, and that your spaceships are now flying again
  2. Aero artworks in particular inspired the Restock team, since they were seen as better than other stock artworks (if I remember correctly). Therefore, those artworks are unlikely to be revisited, since they are already up to “Restock standard”.
  3. Did you change the numbers in the PID window? Do you have other Mechjeb modules activated (check the list for something green) ? Does your aircraft have enough controls? I.E, are you able to do the same without extreme inputs? Do you have other mods installed, potentially autopilot mods? This is what came up on top of my head, but maybe worth checking out.
  4. Have you tried extending Compatible Game versions in the settings? Maybe that could be a reason why some of them do not appear. If some are still not showing, would you mind telling us which one? We might be able to include a new mod. Glad you enjoy CKAN
  5. It is only a cosmetic error, just ignore this one. Parallax was surprisingly compatible with 1.12.x , and Linx didn't bother to roll an update for something this small (he is busy doing amazing things ) There are no known issues at the moment. The entire log on file sharing website would be more helpful. Try installing on a clean install to give a clear log. Maybe that could help fix your issue
  6. A bit late to the party, but just know it is exactly the same in French (plus an additional space for formatting convention). It should sound just fine
  7. The latest version works just fine. You can find it at: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-78. You will want the file Kopernicus-1.12.1-78.zip If you have trouble finding and installing dependencies, I suggest using CKAN. It will install the right version of Kopernicus automatically.
  8. Astronomer's visual pack is a graphical mod that depends on EVE and scaterer to work properly. Unrelated, Parallax enhances greatly the planets' textures, and depends on Kopernicus to that end (as well as the mod parallax textures). If you think you are missing a mod, I recommend using CKAN to make proper modded installs and avoid some headache.
  9. Alternatively, CKAN's instance manager can clone game instances directly
  10. If you are looking for the 3D rocks that can be walked on, they were removed from the mod a few updates ago to avoid Kraken attack. If you want MOAR tesselation, there is a config file in the mod's folder where you can tune some parameters, including range.
  11. Hi, I really like this mod ! For me, it was the missing piece to switch my install from KAC over to the stock alarm system. There are things I'm not really sure about though : in the settings, the sliders' tooltip says it will not automatically add an alarm for an event happening before this many seconds. At least, that's how I interpret it. However, It doesn't appear to be always the case; with all sliders set to 600 : the SOI alarm is placed 600 seconds before SOI change; expected to still be at exact time. the SOI alarm is impossible to delete under any circumstances; expected to be able to delete it if less than 600 seconds away from it. a maneuver alarm will be added, even if the event is less than 600 seconds away, however it will not be re-added if deleted by the user; expected it not to be created in the first place. a maneuver alarm will be set in the past if a maneuver is created less than 1 minute + burn time away, causing the alarm to trigger instantly; this is especially noticeable when using an autopilot like Mechjeb; expected it not to be created. It would be could if could clarify what is intended and what is not, but I'm not complaining, your mod is already much appreciated
  12. Well, when I updated parallax to 1.3 , some of my ships would spawn a few dozen meters above the surface. No big deal with hyperedit, as it only happened only once upon the first loading in said cases. That was on KSP 1.11.2, with collisions previously enabled before updating.
  13. You should change your compatibility settings. According to the pinned message on discord : F10 → Select game instance... → Pick your install → Press 'e' to edit → Tab a few times to get to the compatible version list I think you should be fine adding 1.10 and 1.11 , and maybe 1.8 and 1.9 , but I wouldn't go any lower. Note, however, that some mods haven't updated yet: they are not marked compatible on purpose. For example, Restock hasn't been updated yet : even though it still works, there is some broken stuff.
  14. Your answer lies in the pinned issue on Github : https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/issues/3379
  15. you must rename it "it-it.cfg" (or better, copying and then renaming the copy, so that the original is still there). Inside it, there is a "localization" node, and then a "en-us" node. rename that one to "it-it". If your game language is set up as Italian, then it should show up after a restart. Make sure you are looking at the right place when in-game, Mechjeb has a lot of windows, and the one you are translating may not be the one you think (I am not underestimating you, it happened to me quite often). You can also check the other languages to see how they did it.
  16. This is a stock bug, that has been around for many years. Just tested on a fresh install to confirm
  17. Restock doesn't add any parts, it just improves the textures of the stock parts. Do not confuse with Restock + , which add a couple of useful parts but is an optional part of restock.
  18. you're right, it wasn't related I have collected a bit of information, though on a modded save, so maybe not parallax's fault https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B7AqzEtNMvjjgkW5v-sZBhu3hjCSgRhx/view?usp=sharing ^Here is the bug when zoomed out https://drive.google.com/file/d/165d7f9QvycXX9ghSpwPHAV0gaLk8TNHJ/view?usp=sharing ^then zooming in https://drive.google.com/file/d/14PD6jAEBGVUhdgs0a--qonivdGw9QDqW/view?usp=sharing ^now on the side It appeared only on EVE, the other planets I have tested so far are working fine. It occurs once you get close to the surface, below 1-ish km, and it destroys your FPS (from >60 to ~10). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O3SLH1Xdm7Fbm-DEmt7m-bXV4CuP7qw5/view?usp=sharing ^here is my log, though polluted by errors from other mods. I will try to get more info, and reproduce the bug on a clean install EDIT: On a clean install with default parameters, the bug does not happen. Changing the parallax's config appears to trigger the bug however. My config: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ma0qh8q14dYoC22M9_LX2a1pmtN81jJI/view?usp=sharing ^corresponding log Will try to do more digging tomorrow EDIT2: I found the culprit: on a fresh install of ksp 1.11.2 with parallax 1.2.2, setting tessellationQuality to High or Higher causes Eve terrain and collider to glitch. I will open an issue on github EDIT3: my bad, it already is, sorry
  19. Really excited about the new stuff coming I also had a question related to the configs of parallax. What does "edgeLength" in TessellationSettings do ? For some reason, setting it to 1 seemed to break Eve's surface, with terrain sections overlapping themselves and landed rovers blowing up on loading. (Not really a bug report since it lacks proper logs and screenshot, but wanted to learn more about the potential causes of it)
  20. Assuming you are now on parallax 1.1b, it is because collisions are not yet implemented yet in that version, the stock collider still applies. You might be able to change the terrain's offset in Parallax_StockTextures' configs (I am not sure).
  21. parallax 1.2.x works only on KSP 1.11.x I suggest downgrading parallax to 1.1b, or updating KSP to 1.11.2 (most mod have been updated by now)
  22. In parallax's config file, there is a line toward the bottom called flatMinmus, I think that's the option you are looking for. It's in gamedata/parallax/config/ParallaxGlobal.cfg
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