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  1. Yes that's one of the projects I'm working on rn. It should be able to run in general, but Linux doesn't play nice atm. Should be released in the next update. Speaking of updates... I'm going to be testing a new footprint system that's compatible with Parallax. It uses projectors instead of meshes to create the footprints. This could change in the future, but for now it seems like the most elegant solution. I'll post a preview later today, but it seems fairly stable. My only concern is a potential performance tank due to a lot of projectors. I'll look in to fixing
  2. There is a spawn limit, I believe it's 1024 within render distance. They however, have no time limit, so until you unload the scene, or travel away, they are there. You would be correct that kerbals are effectively just 1 part ships, which is why I believe it won't be hard to give wheels the same code. The hard bit is the texturing, which will have to be provided by any wheel that uses it. Wheels will also have to implement it as a module, so additional wheel mods, as well as mods that drastically change them like ReStock may be incompatible/less than compatible (ReStock would probably still g
  3. Ah, not quite. Boot-prints aren't saved to any file. Definitely something I might do in future, but for now they despawn outside render distance. Cool looking mod-pack tho!
  4. Ah I'm sorry I wasn't clear. You want both EVA footprints and Examples (assuming you're stock planets), then to grab ONLY the footprints from Examples.
  5. Hey, it should work in 1.11, if there's issues could you please provide a description and/or log?
  6. That is something I'm gonna look in to, but poly count is a concern, and since a footprint on most terrains except mud is going to be very shallow, a normal map projection might be more resource efficient. Might include it as a setting.
  7. Just a quick update. I'm still working on the mod, just off and on. Turns out I have ADHD though. Screws with work ethic. Right now I'm working on bringing more mods up to date, and adding compatibility with the Parallax mod for footprints. That's gonna require some deep re-writes however. For the technologically inclined, currently footprints are made by spawning a plane on the ground, but that will clip through the terrain with parallax. Either I'd have to deform this plane, or project a texture on to the terrain. Hopefully soon.
  8. Just as a note: 1.11 support is LIKELY, but not guaranteed.
  9. Continued-er isn't a version of Kopernicus. Though JNSQ does have compatibility with our footprint feature!
  10. Obligatory bump on the thread cause I made a cool logo image and I'm proud of it.
  11. Yes, Kopernicus is a dependency, which while in prerelease, is generally stable. Also the rover wheels are planned once I fix everything, along with a few other features
  12. Hmmm haven't encountered this. I'll need some info on this. What version are you on, and are you sure you're on the latest mod version? If you could provide video or screenshots that would be helpful, as well as your logs folder. Also the 2 footprints and footprints disappearing sounds like intended behavior, but I may not understand the issue fully.
  13. No the installation isn't in the zip, but all you need to install is KEX-Footprints for footprints, and KEX-Examples if you want stock footprint configs. Copy-Paste Gamedata into the KSP folder, and then navigate to gamedata/KopernicusExpansionExamples/VHM16, and delete the VHM16 folder. I plan to make installation instructions more obvious next release.
  14. Yes, those mods absolutely work, and while officially they are considered unstable, in all honesty Common and Footprints aren't gonna have an issue. This is the same as Kop-Ex Cont. Officially I only support 1.10, but it should work through 1.8, so feel free to report a bug in those versions.
  15. Sounds like a cool idea, but this mod is focused on the planet aspect of KSP. Kerbal Attachment System might be a good mod to suggest that for.
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