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  1. For me it seems like a common issue, but the issue seems to come from the nacelles. Variant A pitches up, Variant B pitches down, and Variant C is almost perfect, though a slight pitch up. Perhaps the lifting body for either the nacelle or the pylons is tilted, though if it's the pylons, that would be obviously purposeful since it's a part with variants. Copy and pasting the nacelle lift seems more plausible to me. I do agree though that the impulse should gimbal, if for no other reason than lore (no not that lore). Might also make sense to change RCS to use deuterium fyi. Again, canon. But aside from the random suggestions, jesus what a good mod. I have been waiting years for something to replace and improve on SciFi Shipyards. This just takes it to a whole new level. Love that the progress so far is linear in the time line too. Love the behind the scenes peeks too, seeing the modelling and stuff really gets my inner 3d artist going.
  2. 5/5. Easy. I think the work squad did on planets is great, but this brings it up like 5 notches. Not KSP 2 level, but definitely KSP 1 1/2 level. Plus with new systems planned, this could be the quintessential overhaul I feel.
  3. really? that's weird, maybe it's scatterer screwing with it. Or another 1.12 thing.
  4. Beautiful stuff, and works well in 1.12 if you delete the sun config. I assume that issue is because of that, but I haven't tested it. My only teensy complaint is that the lava moon doesn't glow any, which I have a mod up which adds that in. Oh and maybe you could add some outer planets before a new system, but that's just my preference, so y'all do what you want. Otherwise stunning, should sate my eyecandy appetite for a while.
  5. Looks like it works for me, but my map uses alpha instead of black to white. Maybe that's the issue? Speaking of stuff working, looks like 1.12 works fine! I'll update the title to reflect the change.
  6. Sure! I'll take a look at the example eve config from an old version. It is possible, but due to licensing and such, it's planet pack dependent.
  7. Sooooo, the configs on their end are borked. @ZaffreYou need to change Wormhole/Partner in the .cfg to be the name of the body in the .cfg, not the display name. So BaldursGate and DeepwaterGate instead.
  8. Ah, I'm getting the same issue. Gonna test a different pack to see if it's just this one
  9. Just released beta 9. Let me know if anyone has issues with EmissiveFX as I do not know for certain how well it will work.
  10. Oooh, I saw that one. It looks real cool. I'll see if I can replicate it.
  11. That...is strange. I have no idea. What planet pack does it?
  12. Hey so I'm gonna be taking a decent break from working on this. Someone else is free to fork in the meantime. Due to work and stress I just don't have the time or energy to work on it. If you do fork it, please link it here so I can put it in the post! Thanks, be back soon™ oh and by the way, I never did figure out the error. I'll keep looking until someone else takes over.
  13. firstly, holy love how do you load your game in this millennia second, I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure what the hell is causing your issue. I've determined that you do have a strange error, but I don't know what causes it. I'd suspect one of the visual mods, namely planetshine, but I don't know. I'm gonna try a compatibility check and I'll get back to you
  14. Well, that's a pickle. It should be there. Could you provide your KSP.log, and a modlist if possible? Mainly visual ones. Your lighting looks off.
  15. If I had to guess, that's a missing texture. Ensure that the footprint.dds is in the right folder, and if it isn't, I'll take a look at it.
  16. Yes that's one of the projects I'm working on rn. It should be able to run in general, but Linux doesn't play nice atm. Should be released in the next update. Speaking of updates... I'm going to be testing a new footprint system that's compatible with Parallax. It uses projectors instead of meshes to create the footprints. This could change in the future, but for now it seems like the most elegant solution. I'll post a preview later today, but it seems fairly stable. My only concern is a potential performance tank due to a lot of projectors. I'll look in to fixing that via alternate render methods. I'll try and get a beta version out ASAP. I'll provide it on the side of the OG footprints so you can keep your stable footprints if you want. Edit: To expand on this, when unity renders something via projector, it renders the entire object it projects on again. This gets performance heavy quick, so this is a temporary solution. What I'll likely look in to is a deformed mesh, or figuring out how to use a single projector.
  17. There is a spawn limit, I believe it's 1024 within render distance. They however, have no time limit, so until you unload the scene, or travel away, they are there. You would be correct that kerbals are effectively just 1 part ships, which is why I believe it won't be hard to give wheels the same code. The hard bit is the texturing, which will have to be provided by any wheel that uses it. Wheels will also have to implement it as a module, so additional wheel mods, as well as mods that drastically change them like ReStock may be incompatible/less than compatible (ReStock would probably still give wheel prints, but they would be an incorrect texture.) I might also have to use a completely new system when I get around to adding parallax support. Also update for anyone waiting for updates: 1, please message me if you need something updated. School is taking priority right now, but I would be happy to look at something if you need it for your planet pack. 2, don't expect anything soon. I will be trying to get back to work on it, but there hasn't been any progress for a few months. 3, if you're a modder who wants to help, please @ me on discord (Vabien#3986). I'll review any pull requests, and try to release them ASAP.
  18. Ah, not quite. Boot-prints aren't saved to any file. Definitely something I might do in future, but for now they despawn outside render distance. Cool looking mod-pack tho!
  19. Ah I'm sorry I wasn't clear. You want both EVA footprints and Examples (assuming you're stock planets), then to grab ONLY the footprints from Examples.
  20. Hey, it should work in 1.11, if there's issues could you please provide a description and/or log?
  21. That is something I'm gonna look in to, but poly count is a concern, and since a footprint on most terrains except mud is going to be very shallow, a normal map projection might be more resource efficient. Might include it as a setting.
  22. Just a quick update. I'm still working on the mod, just off and on. Turns out I have ADHD though. Screws with work ethic. Right now I'm working on bringing more mods up to date, and adding compatibility with the Parallax mod for footprints. That's gonna require some deep re-writes however. For the technologically inclined, currently footprints are made by spawning a plane on the ground, but that will clip through the terrain with parallax. Either I'd have to deform this plane, or project a texture on to the terrain. Hopefully soon.
  23. Just as a note: 1.11 support is LIKELY, but not guaranteed.
  24. Continued-er isn't a version of Kopernicus. Though JNSQ does have compatibility with our footprint feature!
  25. Obligatory bump on the thread cause I made a cool logo image and I'm proud of it.
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