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  1. how to turn off boiloff option? The fuel keeps running out, so if I use time warp my rocket is run out of fuel!
  2. All folders inside the compressed file But the lag was so frequent that I had no choice so i deleted it. 3min loading to launch pad!
  3. umm,I can't do it because other mods require b9 partswitch also I removed b9partswitch and reinstalled again
  4. I want to clear the bdb, I deleted the file, but b9partswitch throws an error message! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607128852791296006/840891925837643786/KSP.log here is KSP.log What folder should I delete?
  5. umm..... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607128852791296006/840871436612403220/KSP.log this is my ksp.log please help me
  6. Ummmm It seems that some parts have not been applied. (i loaded preset space shuttle,but it was not loaded! some parts are missing.) I downloaded everything listed in the description, but the parts are missing. What additional mods should I get? here is my mod list. please help me!
  7. ok! here is my ksp log zip I don't know how to upload the file, so I replace it with a link. You can download a compressed copy of ksp.log from the link. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/607128852791296006/834243216312107038/KSP.zip
  8. i need help! loading has been blocked here useing ksp 1.11.2 version and this is my mod list
  9. My graphic mode is scatter , EVE , parallex, RSS What's wrong with the graphics like this? This article was written with Google Translator.
  10. 아무생각


    im new user hello everyone XD
  11. hi spanner monkey! i want download SM armory but i cant access.What happen to SMarmory?
  12. hey spanner monkey! im korean ksp player.i cant access SM armory download page.What happed to SM armory?
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