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  1. Ohh okay. Thanks for that, I'd rather not commit blatant infringement.
  2. This is kind of a stupid question, but I really like the tracking station music, and was considering using it in a project of mine since I thought the KSP soundtrack was all Kevin MacLeod royalty-free stuff. Unfortunately, the wiki lists the source of the track in question as "unknown," and Google doesn't turn up anything either. So would any of y'all happen to know the source?
  3. Thank you! I considered it to be an overengineered nuclear brick with boosters strapped to the sides, so it's nice to hear that someone thinks it's cool. If you want to tear it down, I actually just put the latest version up on KerbalX. If you look in the rules there's actually an exception that Sturmhauke added: "If a mission states that you should land and then deploy a payload from the orbiter cargo hold, you may instead perform a low altitude paradrop (or suborbital drop on a vacuum world). This isn't necessarily easier, since now you have to keep two separate craft from experienci
  4. I'm baaaack! I didn't touch KSP for a whole month because I was expecting a new SSD and didn't want to hassle with save backups, but that's all wrapped up and now I've managed to complete MUN STS 2-4, stock Commander! Preview shots: Oh, and by the way, if there's anything I'm including regularly in these albums that you think is redundant/repetitive filler, let me know - I don't want you to have to slog through unnecessarily long albums.
  5. Not sure if this is a bug, but the NERV's particle effects no longer appear. I am using ReStock though.
  6. He may or may not have spent 35 years in that crew cabin while I did an experimental run of the Cassini-Huygens test pilot mission... But it's okay, he's home now, and I'm told that the KSC has hired a battalion of world-class therapists just for him. Also, lots of happy pills.
  7. Okay, so, it turns out that building a modular Munar base at 65 degrees N is quite difficult. Fortunately, throwing down an all-in-one base at the equator is simpler, and as such I've completed MUN STS-1! Preview shots:
  8. Don't sweat it too much, I only said that because March 19th is the latest date that's still technically winter.
  9. Sounds like fun! Do you (or anyone else) happen to know when 1.11 comes out?
  10. I wonder if you could weld two craft together with a girder segment and transfer fuel over that bridge? Edit: And if not, you could probably throw together a docking adapter.
  11. Sorry if this is obvious, but I checked the FAQ and can't figure out if craft files that use ReStock models can be dropped into a stock game. Off the top of my head I think the answer should be no, since CFG file info like specific impulse is stored in the craft files, but I'm not sure if that applies to models. Thanks!
  12. After a week of bashing my head against a wall, I am proud to present my stock Commander entry for STS-9 'Space Potato!' This one took a lot of testing, but it was worth it. Preview shots:
  13. This one has been nagging me for a while thanks to the STS challenge. In order to get the best rank, you need to land your shuttle back at the KSC (or other runway structure on Kerbin). When you're tooling around in an equatorial orbit, this is easy enough, since you're always more or less aligned with the position of the KSC. But when you get into the more advanced missions, you need to perform activities out-of-plane and still return to the KSC; I've been solving this by simply doing a plane change burn, but that'll be less viable as I head out to the Mun and beyond. I've tried to nail
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