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  1. Not sure if you're aware already, but similar to the issue you noted in your last PartInfo patch this mod also breaks Breaking Grounds deployable parts.
  2. Thank you very much GN_Kevin! With your advice I was able to track the issue to the NodeHelper mod! Uninstalling this mod solved the issue for me!
  3. I'm also having this problem. Pressing space just makes a clicking sound but won't place parts.
  4. Interesting! I hadn't even thought about that! I'm going to be a little busy as uni is about to start again, but I will definitely think about that!
  5. Here is a great review by KottabosGames:
  6. Thanks for the kind words so far! I'm in my final year of university in games design and am looking to expand my portfolio so I have some more recent work to show as my study has been mostly focused on programming the last few years (I'm also doing a degree in computer science along side games design), and I would appreciate some feedback from people who've had the chance to try it out. Although I'm secretly hoping that the lack of comments means there's no issues to be addressed, any feedback (positive or negative) would be beneficial to me. Thanks again for the comments, lik
  7. SC-9001b Science Pancake Description This is a 2.5m version of the Science Jr. designed to have the same mass and science yeild as the standard version. This is achieved by adjusting the proportions to be wider and shorter (hence the "pancake" rebranding) and uses all new models and 2k textures. Designed with the changes to the button text for the Science Jr. in version 1.10.0, but should work with most versions! Confirmed working in 1.10.1 Images Videos Here is a great review from KottabosGames: Download CKAN Spacedock Curs
  8. Hello! I've recently been rediscovering KSP after not having played for a few years! I couldn't believe how long it had been! I think I stopped playing around the time 1.0 came out... that was 2015! But I guess that explains how I've forgotten how to play! I felt like I was pretty good back in the day, but I feel like I have relearn even the basics now! I've also been working on an add-on that I'm getting ready to release! I'm currently in my final year of university doing a double degree in computer science and games development and thought this would be a fun project to
  9. Hello! I'm in the process of preparing an add-on for release, and I'd like get some opinions on the best way to handle multiple resolutions. The add-on is very small in scope (just a single part) but I created the textures at 4k resolution, which I imagine is not ideal for some users, so I plan to provide 2k textures as well. What is the best way to approach releasing both sets of textures? So far I have two solutions: Release two versions of the add-on Release the add-on in two parts, a main file and a choice of two texture files The first could be tedious to ma
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