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  1. By the way, will you add full recovery Falcon 9. Like the full recovery Falcon 9 in KK SpaceX.
  2. I successfully run ksrss on 1.11.1( No ksrssve) Sorry, I can't play the picture. These are my mods: https://github.com/R-T-B/kopernicus/releases(Dependencies) https://github.com/KerbalFrench/KSRSS/releases(noumenon) https://github.com/KerbalFrench/KSRSS-Textures/releases/(Mapping) https://github.com/KSP-RO/KSCSwitcher(recommend) However, how to solve the KSC of kajiao.
  3. 回到我们@Icecovery Come back to us @Icecovery
  4. I have made this mistake. I enter the game, open an archive, build a simple spacecraft, click launch and press ESC. This window should be eliminated.
  5. I remember this:https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealISRU My test can be used in 1.11.1.
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