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  1. I want to make an elevator on a vertically landed spaceship that can lower my kerbonauts and vehicles down to the surface safely, like the artist rendering below of future SpaceX Starship missions. Any ideas on how I can do this? From the mods I've searched, nothing comes close to building something that looks like this, and I'm not much of a modder myself :( Any ideas welcome!
  2. You could disable drag, although you won't get the cool effect of the ship burning in the atmosphere. But yeah good point. And no I haven't tried this myself... Yet. But I'm working on it
  3. Build a Small SSTO spaceplane that has launch thrusters to get to orbit, pulse drive to quickly travel between planets at FTL speeds, and a hyperdrive which can instantaneously travel between star systems. It has to look like a No Mans Sky style ship. You can use cheats like infinite fuel, and you can use mods of course The pulse drive should allow travel in in-game seconds or minutes, not days or years. I reccomended some warp drive mods like alcubierre drive warp drive mod. Not sure what mod to use for hyperdrive yet.
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