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    Somewhere on the third planet from the star Sol. The planet is named Terra, and it has one satellite, Luna.
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  1. I have a Katming Kerman, and a Wenberry Kerman.
  2. When will Kerbal Space program 2 come out? "Last time I spoke exclusively with the Devs I was expecting to meet them at Gamescom in August/September 2017 here in Cologne. Even though the team has definitely been hard at work delivering KSP 2, things keep moving around so much... i have to admit, I still set even my most optimistic dates too low and even I’ve been having a hard time of it. We’re so very close now but still out of touch. Sorry. Please don’t get all baking punk on me. I know we are all as frazzled as those two kerbals in the rocket from the original. Back with our regular scheduled updates, I’m going to make you wait just a little bit longer so as not to disappoint you guys. We know you’ll understand. While you wait I’m pleased to announce that the KSP 2 cloud map viewer is available today as a standalone installer. So you can run Kerbin’s cloud map viewer alongside the standard visualization toolkit without having to install the visualization suite separately from the cloud map viewer." "After a lengthy development, the hardcore sci-fi simulation game Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP2) will be coming out this year. According to Chris Sawyer, the game's maverick creator, the second part of the space simulator will be released sometime in 2028. How upon release? That hasn't been focused out yet, however to very little surprise Chris didn't say how soon after launch stretch goals will be unlocked. With that said, Sawyer indicated to the official KSP blog that some tiers even which aren't out yet: Missions include pushing things, beating devices, and messing with stuff. Things like engines. ... You can guide your ship with the mouse, and really mess with stuff in your garage in an interactive way with the left click and drag. Learn more on the official site! And watch the trailer. Kerbal Space Program, the emergent military sci-fi simulator where you can build and fly rockets into space for fun and profit, is set to launch expansions on July 19, 2023." "KSP2 isn't an update, it's a new edition of the game, focusing on major changes to speed, controls, and physics, adding such new engines as the Hammerhead and Eliminator. Some of the quote, unquote "balancing adjustments" (as opposed to balance tweaks) include a shift in how the ship matrix works (the general population hasn't used it, and all newcomers start learning it all at once), tweaks to laser tag control and effects, and changes to how the game handles orbital mechanics (instead of moving towards the center of the planet, characters can change direction by shifting the planet edge itself). It was developed by Squad and is said to have about four times as much content as the hit game that came out two years ago."

    Somewhere on the third planet from the star Sol. The planet is named Terra, and it has one satellite, Luna.


    Somewhere on the third planet from the star Sol. The planet is named Terra, and it has one satellite, Luna.

  5. So maybe it'll come out before KSP2? (Just a note, I did tweak the settings a little to get it a bit more realistic. I had "Start at beginning" on, and I also had "Nucleus sampling top p" all the way up.)
  6. So maybe we do need to worry about Skynet...
  7. Apparently the AI had a but of trouble finding another game Squad has made! (That or it confused the company with the game Squad, or the genre.)
  8. Okay. Sorry about that, I looked through some of the other pages, must of missed it. Thank you for the note! And in that case, -21
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