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  1. @benjee10Are we going to have an update that adds the new ISS solar panels?
  2. Update post: Having some problem with the game and mods, but fear not, pics are coming! Community submissions will be taken anytime, so don't be afraid! In related news, the countries are now called the Krussian Federation and the United Kerbal States.
  3. Hey everybody, Hypercore here, or better know as someone of the same name on the r/KSP discord, Today I am starting a project by the name of "The Case for Space". It will consist of mainly albums of screenshots, and maybe some stories! Information I had the idea for this project literally this morning This will be a kerbalised version of the real space race, but vessels will be original, people will be fake, and only inspiration is taken. The format will be an album every chapter, with high quality screenshots, some description, and possibly infographics and literature. This thread
  4. Found bug by @Falken#1543 on the r/ksp discord: Nothing more, Falken is not sure if he's got a log file or not.
  5. Cloudy with a Chance of On-Pad Explosions
  6. Waterfall, definitely Damn! Yet-to-announced fuel? Discussion post anyone?
  7. Amazing work! Saw the progress on the discord (which is already amazing), but never expected this!
  8. Another great mod forgotten... or is it? (reply if i'm wrong!) I hope someone would pick this up.
  9. @TheKurganPost edited so not to cause confusion, thanks for pointing that out. My fault.
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