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  1. @RoverDudeIs the MM patch for TAC life support still out there? The link on the wiki is a 404. Much appreciated!
  2. Sorry! I was being ignorant. I can't seem to find it on the wiki home page, so that's where my ill-reasoned post came from Thx for the help in correcting me
  3. Hyped to use the WOLF parts! But since its another level in complicity, we'll need some documentation in the wiki IDK how it works, so I hope its updated soon, but it's going to be a big change. For now, can anyone send some info on the new atlas parts and the WOLF parts?
  4. Great job! Congrats on release! Your suite of mods are ever-growing... I will try this out, seems like a more stockalike and simpler KSPIE, right? Will definitely try soon! Of course, everyone knows that there's going to be near past technologies, or not, but we'll see. My verdict: this is a much newer, more lightweight, and better textured version of an interstellar-capable mod, and this have a lot of potential! Love your work! Question: as this mod receives expansion, will it split into mini-packs (although I wouldnt call them mini) like NFT?
  5. Really enjoys this tech tree mod! All the little features really come into play early game, as my other favorite tech tree mod, engineering tech tree, doesn't have a telemetry report. I would love Real Fuels integration though, then it will probably become my essential mod!
  6. @KartoffelkuchenCan this script land a shuttle? Or does it require engines to land properly?
  7. Probably not, but I'll try it. I totally would have played it if it was further into its development. Looks like the author moved on to other things. Best case scenario now is that either he comes back or someone maintain this
  8. Question: Is this meant for the stock system, or would a 2.5x scaled system work? I'm making some recreations and that's what bdb and tantares recommends
  9. Question: Does perma prune reduce load time, if you use it on enough parts? or does it only take effect after load?
  10. Does anyone have any idea how to balance the anti grav repulsors?
  11. When I try to physics warp in space using the alt and comma key comb. , the time warp bar flashes then goes back to normal time warp. I have better time warp installed. Any solutions?
  12. I assume this is not maintained anymore... Wish someone will take it over and recompile it...
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