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  1. Right, how do you stop textures unlimited from making every single part shiny? I have a radiator panel and its supposed to be white but instead its shiny metal. This has happened to nearly every part in the game and idk how to fix this.
  2. hi there. I have the problem that when I open the link on one of the antennas. I load the Telemachus Menu in a google tab and nothing happens. Its just a changing colour picture. I have enabled the data link but still nothing happens. Is there a way to fix this and actually see the telemetry?
  3. hey man! Your mod is great for stock KSP. I have the problem that when I am in RSS/RO my booster ignites when it should in stock, which means that it forgets about my boosters ignition time and then it cant slow down in time. Is there any way to fix this?
  4. Hey, im struggling to play BeyondHome, i have everything installed correctly, as it tells me this on the loading screen, but when i load into the game, it is just normal KSP, any help?
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