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    Somewhere High above the VAB on a Parachute
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    KSP, Minecraft, Space and General tech.

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  1. I am a flute player. Who told the string instruments they could take over the forum?
  2. I've bought the game ages ago an spend more time on the forums than in the actual game.
  3. I may have seen the surface of the moon through a telescope. TUBM spends far to long on the forums.
  4. Maybe Admiral Fluffy next? @Admiral Fluffy
  5. Thou shall add mods, such that the RAM is full and you murder your laptop's hard drive with mods. Rest in peace, my fast SSD...
  6. Though shall keep reverting back to saves in sandbox, such that it shall be older irl than in-game
  7. Though shalt make sure destroyable buildings is turned on, fail to destroy one, then realise you turned it off.
  8. Hello! Back on the forums again! @ColdJ next?
  9. Thou Shalt instead taunt the KRAKEN! Don't taunt it with a drive. Give it lots of robotics.
  10. Thou shalt fail include any form of escape system for thy kerbals
  11. @Az Aerospace, stock? Without mods there are no nukes in KSP. Destroying things is sometimes buggy, using a mod like bdarmoury makes it more reliable. Also, 1.12? It’s not a bad idea, just you should develop it further. Have seperate categories. Maybe create a scoring system and leaderboard. I’m happy to help if you want some.
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