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  1. Thou Shalt instead taunt the KRAKEN! Don't taunt it with a drive. Give it lots of robotics.
  2. Thou shalt fail include any form of escape system for thy kerbals
  3. @Az Aerospace, stock? Without mods there are no nukes in KSP. Destroying things is sometimes buggy, using a mod like bdarmoury makes it more reliable. Also, 1.12? It’s not a bad idea, just you should develop it further. Have seperate categories. Maybe create a scoring system and leaderboard. I’m happy to help if you want some.
  4. @HyperDraco, any timeline? Otherwise I can make another plane.
  5. Ok @The solid fuel chemist, that may well be a bug. I've never encountered it. Sorry.
  6. Hi @gadnuk, no I have not had problems with Flares and sidewinders. It might be that the sidewinder is within the guaranteed kill boundaries, in which case a flare would do nothing. Otherwise, I've never had this problem myself.
  7. Hi @gadnuk, what version are you running and are you sure none of the other mods you are running are conflicting? I would help a lot with figuring out the problems.
  8. There is snow. But it is just a visual artifact, so it never existed. I wish for KSP2 to come out sooner
  9. It is the end of a type of modding with the end f dev work on KSP1. However, KSP2 should bring good modding support... while many may not ever pick up modding again on KSP2, some new people will hopefully join. Thanks for the years of keeping the mod alive, @jrodriguez.
  10. You are that good with a crowbar. But you ar3e also now trapped in a simulation. I wish for KSP2 to hurry up development.
  11. No Hope of Reaching Orbit. No specific orbit - It may not even reach LKO, and even if it does, I doubt I will get stuff to any other planet's orbit. (I'm a atmospheric player, ok - I use BD Armoury and have fun deliberatley blowing stuff up. I just don't have time to get stuff to orbit with my free time.) Otherwise maybe it might be Argo.
  12. Use the KAL-1000 plugged in to a HAL-1000 to overtake humans. Maybe it will get round to moving servo. Why servo exist?
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