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  1. I remember there was a different mod for that.... (I believe there was and I believe it still exists). Missiles still exist in this mod, though.
  2. -17 (-) Yes, TNW3 sounds good, just I think someone should ask Aperture Science first. However, since he seems to have deleted all trace of his presence, I don't think that's possible. A quick @ApetureScience brings up nobody, so I think he's left for good.
  3. Would be cool, but you can make custom missiles that do that already with the Missile control part.
  4. Hoping for more monoliths like in KSP1. But maybe rarer, and with a contract to find a larger "original" one that is the source.
  5. Answers and responses: To @James Kerman - Hello, fellow Australeek from Australia. Didn't know there was an Australian Moderator. To @corey kerman - Probably not. If you have coding skills, you could make one, or there is a similar mod by Benjee10 called the Space Shuttle Orbiter construction kit.
  6. Sorry for the late response (Busy answering ground tank question). IF you want to try a different version, try BDAc for the runway project. IF not, then you have 2 options: a) remove the part from BDAc by editing it out of the file, or b) trying different versions, e.g. spaceport (if still there).
  7. Guide to tank AI. Just a quick YouTube search. I might try and see if there is any way I could upload my design. (PS, really you just use structural parts to make a frame, them build a box out of armour panels which are sloped at the ends.) Also I'm somewhat new to BDAc myself, having joined at the start of the year, but I have spent some time. I would suggest just not being ambitous and making a few of the craft from Son of Smith first
  8. HE = High Explosive. Maybe also consider spaced armour to trigger HE before it hits main armour?
  9. @Manul, would it be possible to make an entire mod for this? I would really like this but don't know all that much about code...
  10. I don't know how to destroy the KSC. I'm in a sandbox save and apparently I can't destroy buildings. Is this because I'm in sandbox or is there some other reason? E.g. 1 direct tank shell is not enough?
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