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  1. @ItzNicko124 Yes all is good now thank you!!!!
  2. Thanks! loading up with the change now. Hopefully it works!
  3. KK is version @ItzNicko124 @Katniss218 did you get a chance to look at the modlist also? Any conflicting mods?
  4. Also an update the pads seem to actually be under water like the structures seem to be but kerbal konsturcts doesnt show them as pads or let me use control+K.
  5. @Katniss218 @ItzNicko124 This is my mod list. What mods may be causing this issue?
  6. @Katniss218Yes I have kerbalkonstructs along with all other required mods with the right versions of rss and rss-textures.
  7. I am having the same problem as @Diogenes84 that is the installed mod folder freshly copied. Also I cant do Ctrl+K. Here is what the pads look like @Katniss218