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  1. After some testing and messing around, here is my entry. A few things could be improved however, I will most probably come back to it. The video is now the correct one!
  2. One thing I found that worked was disabling the controls on any lift parts on the glider, it helped up until a certain point.
  3. After many failed attempts, here is my Level 1 entry. This could be easily improved, such as the ascent but I will work on it. This was good fun. Does my landing count as KSC on the of-chance maybe? Also if anyone does know why I lost pitching up controls please let me know.
  4. I have a few concepts in mind but also a question, to get Lunex 4 badge, do I have to do the Lunex 1, 2 and 3 requirements aswell?
  5. Looks good, I might try this myself using slightly different parts but with a similar concept. How does the rover remain powered with six motors, are there batteries clipped into the main body?
  6. I would like to try launching ingenuity but having issues with the torque. Does anyone have any suggestions? I try videos but nothing seems to work.
  7. Well this was fun, as my first rover mission I think it went well, I never had any interest in rover missions as I never saw the point in the stock game. I tried to launch ingenuity as well, but came across a few issues which were taking a while to fix so didn't launch it. This was on PS4 so no mods were used. I linked a video, the rover hits the Duna atmosphere at 5:36.
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