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  1. Well, I'm still having this problem. The vessel is incompatible. The missing part is something like "Docking node named". I've checked the vessel for 1.10.1.
  2. Naaah. I've got the "H". Interesting... Ok, I'll check the crafts, thank you!
  3. Hi, XLjedi! I do. Are you sure that the "H" was there? But I have a problem itstalling your crafts from kerbalx hangar. The game notifies about unknown details. Could you tell me why, please? They're so good.
  4. Hi kerbonauts! Today I've started my space corp named ProbeCO Industries. Also I've a logo for it. I've launched a probe and a rocket named "Moho-Atlas". I wish everyone a good game!
  5. Hello everyone again ! I hope I will not bother with another question. I can see that I am a new member in my profile. In what time it changes and how to change my logo? Sorry for bad English again.
  6. I mean that if I have a kerbonaut with no fuel on the orbit for example. I can't save him because I'm a noob. I cannot destroy the spaceship using the facility with dishes, because the settings are hard and kerbal cannot respawn.
  7. Hello Kerbals. I'm new to here on the KSP forum. I have a few questions. What should I do if there is a lost Kerbonaut somewhere in the Kerbol system? Can I ask some experienced pilots for them using my save files? Just for fun. In general, because of the terrible English my phrases may seem impolite, sorry if this is the case.
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