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  1. Flea + MK1 Pod + Parachute + Fins Forget to check my staging and launch with engines and parachute deploying at the same time
  2. Looks amazing, wow!
  3. I'm a supporter of any mod that adds extra star systems and hot dang. I love this!
  4. Is there any way to move the Mechjeb's drop down menu in flight from it's default position? By default, it's on top of the fuel tab and it's incredibly annoying
  5. Ah, yeah it does kinda look like a Sandworm! And yeah the sarlacc did live in a pit, just the *thing* reminded me of a sarlacc lol
  6. I personally don't care about new content and stuff - Mods already satisfy my needs. What I DO care about however, is performance and bugs. With every update, something gets broken
  7. Of course I'd want a black hole, why wouldn't I want one? As for if it's going to be in the game, that's up to the devs though even though it would kinda be a missed opportunity considering that KSP2 is all about interstellar travel Same applies to Neutron stars.
  8. KSP2 will have mods, it's already confirmed (I'm pretty sure)
  9. Wow, that looks fun... gonna give it a try!