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  1. Tl;dr Early 2023 for PC and later that year for consoles, take that for what you will. At least there's a confirmation, so that's good
  2. Honestly I'd preorder it, it's not like I'm lacking the money and I've been waiting for this game since the morning I woke up checked youtube notifications and saw that KSP2 trailer back in 2019. I'd be happy as long as I get a semi-working game. Not saying I want a game that half works, but after suffering through KSP1 my standards are already set low enough that I'd be happy lmao
  3. This might just be the thing that gets me back into ksp, looks great!
  4. Oh damn, thanks! I'm thinking about reworking/remodelling or adding some new engines and plumes when I have time, possibly this weekend so yeah. I'll also check on the bussard drive
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