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  1. Oh damn, thanks! I'm thinking about reworking/remodelling or adding some new engines and plumes when I have time, possibly this weekend so yeah. I'll also check on the bussard drive
  2. I don't know if I like or hate this...
  3. Banned for banning someone
  4. Seems nice, Helio did something good for once
  5. It's finally been picked up! Been waiting for someone to revive it for a while now, can finally switch out that infuriating stock navball. Thanks!
  6. Now who wouldn't want a giant Mass Driver to shoot cargo/Kerbals/Warheads out of?
  7. I don't want any additions, I just want a update purely focused on bugfixes and optimising the game. Mods exist.
  8. No problem! And I'm pretty sure the mod's fine for now, unless there's yet another embarassing mistake somewhere in the mod.
  9. I originally made the Epstein Drives work in atmospheres since I assumed that they worked in atmospheres according to the Book/Show but turns out they actually used the RCS to land in atmospheric planets (Somehow). Thought that having it be able to work in atmospheres was stupid so I changed it, but if you want it to work in atmospheres you can just edit the config file for the engines
  10. I've updated the mod so that it's now ":NEEDS[WarpPlugin]" instead of ":NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]" and it should hopefully be fine now. Damn that's kind of a embrassing mistake...
  11. That's what I originally intended to do but I couldn't get the plumes to work. I'll keep trying though
  12. MEV Heavy Industries This mod is a small collection of parts that I've made to use alongside KSPIE parts, since I've been irritated at how some of the engines look (Daedalus, Bussard and Epstein drive) Currently includes a Daedalus Drive, Bussard drive and two Epstein drives (5m and 2.5m) A few screenshots I've taken [With excessive modding]: Since this is the first mod that I'm posting on the forums, any suggestions will be highly appreciated! Compatibility: I've made a patch for KSPIE that should place the parts in a suitable tech node when KSPIE is installed. Dependencies: Although this isn't a hard dependency, for the Bussard and Daedalus engines to work you'll need modded resources (FusionPellets and LH2). Any mod that includes these resources are fine, but I suggest Interstellar fuel switch. The Epstein Drive uses LF/O so it should be fine. Download License:
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