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  1. OK I figured out the conflict in my earlier post (not able to edit it, my account is too new and it's under review) Apparently a landing gear added by a mod was causing TCA to not operate. Insanity Aerospace, I think it came from a mk2 parts expansion mod.
  2. Great mod, have used this in the past with great success. Thank you for the good times. When I tried to use it today, however, it doesn't seem to work. I'm able to group my engines for my aircraft in the builder and do all the other setup, but when I get to the runway I have no UI and no button will summon it. My plane immediately faceplants as if there is no balancing going on, either. Please help! Edit 1: I started a new sandbox game and it works there. It may be that my science playthrough has an engine or cockpit type from an incompatible mod. In the broken save, the engines allo
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