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  1. I use that tether system on most of my big ships and stations. I am not the best pilot,lol, and it keeps me from having a man overboard situation.
  2. Today was trials day for my first interplanetary colonization ship: Beginning the deployment sequence Capable of supporting 50 Kerbals for 5 years with full life support and ~4500 m/s DV, it has everything needed for exploration and science missions, including a small fleet of compact planetary probes in the garage behind the bridge: This is our first nuclear powered craft, so Bill had to go back and check the radiation levels on the engines after the circulization burn: I'm making a few refinements and will be launching the career v
  3. As long as the craft has enough storage for them, they should go back into storage.
  4. I don't know the math precisely, but yes, it measures overall mass lost (fuel, staging, accidental disassembly, ect) and runs the math from there. That's why solar rovers are the go to for surface routes. KoS
  5. https://github.com/UmbraSpaceIndustries/MKS/wiki This one has many, though not all, of recently released changes. Still constantly in flux, because Roverdude is awesome and keeps kicking out hot fresh content. KoS
  6. Check the Git wiki, they have done a good job of updating it with the new changes. KoS
  7. Made my first prop powered plane, the Kookaburra STOL for science gathering: It flies pretty well, and the STOL capabilities are great, but the blown control surfaces are subject to lots of flutter, and the turboshaft engines are absurdly inefficient. Still, I really wanted to finish deploying science sites around the planet as well as gathering up the stray science from the new USI parts. The solution was to re-engine the base airframe as the Jet Kookaburra: In its final turbofan powered form, it has a 3 crew capacity, all the sciences, and enough cargo space for at
  8. Spent some time checking out the new science parts from Umbra Space Industries, and sandboxing a Duna lander: Too heavy to land with just parachutes, so instead of traditional landing gear, it's got airbags tucked under the heatshield. Unfortunately, airbags tend to bounce: This, young Kerbals, is why we design self-righting landers: Time to deploy the antenna array, solar panels and the micro-rover: Really proud of this little rover. Under a meter square but has USI ground penetrating radar, a spectroscopy experiment,
  9. Most of them are USI parts, with a few from Universal Storage and stock bits. The base is an USI Scout landing module with the workshop, greenhouse, small Commlab and space igloo hab module attached. Just above that are probably the parts you aren't familiar with, a Universal Storage payload piece with a probe core, stock fuel cell and 3 USI recyclers. That is also where I put the power units, either nuclear or the water splitter/ power cell arrangement. The tanks are all configurable USI pieces, one big one of mat kits, one of fuel, and smaller ones with machinery, spec parts and smaller fuel
  10. Go check out the changelog on todays 11.2 release. Turn those frowns up side downs. KoS
  11. I assume you mean the Mun, since Minmus's night is so much shorter. That particular one is the Minmus version, but the Mun version is similar. A small MKS nuke is certainly the easiest way to generate power over the Munar nights, but I've also made similar craft with various RTG's, and using some other mod components even have managed a non-nuclear version entirely. For that one I have some hydrogen/oxygen fuel cells and a splitter from another mod, so the excess solar is used to split and store water, then once the dark comes everything except critical life support is shut down and the crew l
  12. This is my temporary base camp/starter colony: Forgive the runway shots, I've mostly moved past the need for this size craft and all the existing Pytheas dropships have either been scrapped out or have had so many extra parts tacked on it's hard to see the original craft. As built, it's fully self contained with a workshop, small science lab, space igloo and greenhouse, enough to support a crew of 3 for about 3 months. The storage tanks have enough mat kits and machinery to get everything deployed, and there is also a tank of specialized parts to allow creation of the rest
  13. At least parts of that, the legs and frame ring, are in the full constellation release under the Utility category (No idea which individual mod, sorry), but I've been playing with USI stuff for about a year and never seen the spherical pieces. They look cool, though. Good luck on your search!
  14. There is a Scout landing module that is in the "Ground" catagory with the stock legs and landing gear. Is that what you are looking for? KoS
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